Saturday 12th March 2011

ST VEEP & ST WINNOW Parish Councils are currently distributing Survey forms to all households in the two parishes.

The Survey results will be used to prepare a Parish Plan for the two Parishes.

This will identify what parishioners feel are the real priorities and needs of the community and give the Parish Councils a firm basis for allocating their resources, obtaining project grants or lobbying Cornwall Council and/or MP’s to influence activities affecting our community.  The Government’s “Big Society” ideas and Cornwall Council’s “Localism” agenda both recognise that communities with a Parish Plan should be given more say in the delivery of services to their area, and departments, such as Planning, will have to take more account of the Parish Councils' opinions when determining planning applications, making it much more difficult to ignore their views, as has happened far too often in the past.

The Parish Planning process is being funded by grants, received by the Parish Councils, from Cornwall Council, facilitated by Cllr Gavin Shakerley.

This is an important Survey for our Community and will determine, among other things, how our Community will develop in the future - Please spare the time to complete the Survey and play your part in local democracy, thereby influencing the way in which the Parish Councils spend YOUR money!

The Surveys are being personally delivered and collected so, if you have not received your form by 19th March, please contact Rob Briggs 01208 872093 who will arrange for you to receive one.


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