Penpol Bridge Closure Update

Thursday 16th May 2013

Penpol Bridge Closure Update


Following Keith Langmaid's conversation, yesterday, with Laurence Reed on Radio Cornwall, the Radio Station has followed up the situation with regard to the closure of Penpol Bridge.  To hear a further interview with Keith Langmaid and his daughter-in-law, Jenny, click on the button below (it may take a little while to load):

The item was on The James Churchfield's Breakfast Show on Radio Cornwall this morning.  If the above link does not work then go to The Radio Cornwall Listen Again Site by clicking on the link below:

Click on "Listen Now 180 mins" and move the time slider to 2hours 18min and 09 secs.

NB  The item will only be available on this site until 22nd May

It would seem that Keith has now got a clearer idea of when the repairs to the bridge will start (10th June).  The power of the media!  Watch this space!

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