Photo Competition

Friday 5th July 2013

Photo Competition

Photo Identification Competition

Opportunity to test your observation skills!

On the Photo Gallery of this website, there are 22 photographs for identification

These objects are all in or around Lerryn village

Can you identify them?

Put your answers on a sheet of paper, with the numbers corresponding to those on the pictures and bring them along to the Website stand on 6th July on the village green. (25th Celebrations Day). Or hand them in to Ann or Bernie Gibbons, Jo or Damon Willcox, Annie Singer or Richard Morris.

Entry fee of £2 to be paid when your paper is handed in please. Proceeds will be used to pay a contribution to Lerryn Memorial Hall for our stand on 6th July and to help towards the maintenance and development of this website. Results will be judged on 6th July and the winner will receive a special bottle of wine (kindly donated by Annie Singer).

For those without access to the website, all the photographs will be printed and displayed at the website stand on 6th July and paper will be provided for the answers.

Come on - have a go!

Here are three of the photographs in the competition.


Photo competition pictures

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