Police Support Lerryn Boat Watch

Saturday 14th August 2010

Police Support Lerryn Boat Watch

PCSO Steve Cox, Julia and Maurice Hunkin (of Fowey)

Two PCSO,s from Looe Police, Tom Barnes and Steve Cox, were in Lerryn last night (13th August) to support the newly formed Lerryn Boatwatch.  Their aim was to draw attention to boat crime and to give advice to boat owners about the various security measures they could take to help prevent theft from boats.  Four volunteers , Chris H, Chris S, Julia & Jeff, accompanied them for the period running up to the high tide when visitors by boat were arriving in Lerryn.  They issued Boat Watch stickers and spoke to residents and visitors about boat security.  August is traditionally a month when crime on the river reaches a peak and everybody is asked to keep a careful watch around the river and report anything suspicious to the police either by dialling 999 or phoning 01503266173




PCSO Tom Barnes and Chris Hoole





    Some security measures that can be taken to prevent engine theft can be seen on the News Item  "Don't Spoil My Day" dated 7th August or by clicking on the button----------

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