Remembrance 2011

Sunday 1st May 2011

This year will be of special significance as it will be 11-11-11-11

To mark the occasion, there will be a short service at Lerryn War Memorial at 11.00am on Friday 11th November where the 2-minute silence will be observed.  Following the service, there will be an exhibition in Lerryn memorial hall to commemorate all those who served in 2 world wars, an in particular those whose names appear on the 2 Rolls of Honour in the Hall.

The event is being organised by the British Legion, the children of Lerryn School and the Lerryn History Society.  Obviously, it will be of special significance to those families living in the area who have relatives on the rolls of honour.  The organisers do not wish to cause any discomfort but to dignify the service these people gave to their country.

We would particularly like to hear from the relatives whether they are happy for the name to be shown and if they have any memorabilia that could be displayed such as photographs, letters, medals, service records etc.

For further information contact either:

  • Bernard Bonsey on 01208 873738
  • Lerryn School on 01208 872620
  • Paul Weatherhogg on 01208 873621


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