River Hazard St Winnow Point

Friday 15th May 2009

Its been there a while now and is not going anywhere.

The very large tree trunk in the mud near St Winnow Point has now been reported to the Harbour Master.  This big lump sits not far below the surface on the mid tides and is almost impossible to spot until you hit it with your outboard.  (Note this is not the branches in the mud close to the shore - this thing is part of tree trunk and very large.

Its situation is around 1/3 of the way across the river from the St Winnow Point side in a direct line with the Lerryn end of Brockles Quay. Note therefore that the log is not in the channel - if you are in the channel you won't hit it - however if you are cutting the St Winnow Point Corner on the way back from upriver its in your path.

To help stop any collisions, in the meantime, Tim and Damon from Encounter Cornwall have put a small white buoy with a red mark on the hazard so keep clear of this if you are coming back from upriver in a hurry and taking shortcuts !



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