St Winnow and St Veep isolation support scheme

Wednesday 25th March 2020

In addition the Community Buddies scheme which is operating in the St Veep and Penpol area of the parish, please see below another sup[port scheme set up through Kerry Pearce:

We have a team of people covering different areas throughout the parishes of St Winnow and St Veep. We have dropped flyers through each door with a contact telephone number to the “outside world” should anyone need it. If you have not received this please use the number below. The team of helpers are there to organise pick ups of prescriptions, shopping essentials or anything else that can help through this worrying time. Residents should not feel they have to go out unnecessarily for a pint of milk when it can easily be delivered. Lerryn shop are offering a telephone order service with free delivery within a three mile radius. There are also lots of other delivery companies delivering that would not normally do so.  More details can be found on the the Facebook page St Winnow and St Veep isolation support. Or it can be sent direct to you. 
Telephone: 07974 029 515

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