Top Secret - not for Shirley's eyes

Monday 24th October 2011

Updated - please see change of dates

Some of you may already know that Shirley will soon be leaving her employment at the shop.  Her last day will be on Sunday 30th October.  We thought that it would be great to mark the occasion.  Here is the cunning plan hatched by Jackie Harman:

  • If you wish to donate some money to go towards the farewell present, please leave an envelope addressed to Jackie in the village shop (or drop through Jackie's mailbox at 29, Lerryn View)
  • Jackie will buy a present
  • Jackie will arrange for a group of children to give Shirley a card and present at about midday on Saturday 29th
  • Lerryn residents wanting to join the children on 29th at midday are most welcome

Any queries, please contact Jackie on 872340

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