Unwelcome Litter at Ethy Rocks

Monday 19th July 2010

Unwelcome Litter at Ethy Rocks

It has been reported to the Lerryn Website that a few weeks ago a group of people had an evening barbecue at Ethy Rocks.  The next day a local resident found an assortment of items strewn over a wide area.  The items were collected and photographed.  They included a metal barbecue, the box in which it had been purchased, empty cans of lager, an empty bottle of vodka, about 20 metal tealight containers and the barbecue ash.  Surprisingly, one unopened can of lager was also found!


Having made a return trip to Ethy Rocks with bin liners to collect the litter, the villager was disappointed to find discarded bags of dog faeces along the track.  These were still there several days later.



On Monday night (12th July) another group of young people were enjoying themselves at Ethy Rocks, cooking food, drinking bottles of beer and using fire torches to illuminate the area.  The next day there was no sign of any litter - everything had been cleared away and the area remained unspoilt.

It is to be hoped that those who wish to enjoy the beauty that Lerryn has to offer will respect our village, river and countryside and behave like the second group of visitors.


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