Village Shop

Wednesday 5th March 2014

Village Shop

  Many of you will realise that there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the Village Shop.  "Bolt" in The Discussion Forum has expressed his concerns and has asked for comments from other people.  The shop is, at present, on the market.  As "Bolt" says, the Shop, two apartments, Boat Store and Village Green are currently for sale with Miller Commercial.  LOT (1): the Village Shop and the two apartments, known as "Creekside" and "Hayloft" are for sale at £675,000 and LOT (2): Boat Store and Village Green are for sale with offers in excess of £150,000.  Miller Commercial advert can be seen by clicking on the image below:

Alternatively, the properties can be seen on Rightmove by clicking on the image below: 

Visit the Discussion Forum by clicking on the button below and see what "Bolt" and others are saying.

Why not add your views?  The Village without a shop would be a poorer place.

Perhaps a Parish Councillor would like to give us an update on the situation with regard to the Village Shop as JJ suggests in the Discussion Forum?


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