Watch yer outboards off St Winnow Point

Thursday 9th April 2009

Its been there a while now so most of you may have clocked it but as we are all getting boats back into the water take care to avoid the huge lump of tree firmly resting in the mud 200m before  St Winnow Point, its massive and is just the right height to take off your outboard if you are racing back from Angies as it sits not far enough under the water on the higher tides but is almost impossible to spot until you are on it even when its only a few inches under water.

Its almost in line with Brockles Quay and around 1/4 of the way across the river from the St Winnow Side  -  be warned its going to catch a few this summer.

Any chance of Charlie going down with his chainsaw to turn it into next years firewood ?


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