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Tuesday 11th May 2010

Our AGM took place on 4th May.  Our constitution stipulates that the term of office for our chair is two terms and the AGM gave us the opportunity to thank Rob Briggs for his hard work as chair over the last two years.

The membership of the new committee is as follows:  Anne Gibbons - Secretary; Bernie Gibbons - Treasurer; Richard Morris; Annie Singer - Chair; Damon Wilcox.

The real work to develop our website does not happen during the committee meetings.  All the credit goes to our band of volunteers and contributors.  The AGM gave us the opportunity to celebrate their contributions:

  • Technical support:  Damon Wilcox
  • Calendar entries:  Ann Henderson; Elizabeth St john; David St John; Annie Singer; Rosemary Weatherhogg etc
  • Photo Galleries:  Rob Briggs; Elizabeth St John; Bernie Gibbons; Keith Rooker; Keith Singer etc 
  • Editing the calendar entries:  Annie Singer
  • Keeping the Community Groups entries up-to-date:  Lin Briggs
  • Keeping the Local Services Directory up-to-date:  Bernie Gibbons
  • St Veep Parish Council page:  Rob Briggs
  • News section:  all of you!
  • Poet in residence:  Tracey!

The danger of producing such a list is that one might leave somebody out.  If you are one of the contributors and I have left you out, please accept my apologies and rest assured that your contributions ARE appreciated.

The good news is that more people are coming forward to contribute to the further development of the website.  Ann Henderson has resumed her duties as our proof reader.  The website group has purchased five more pages and there are exciting proposals from Lerryn residents on possible contents for those pages.

If having read this,  you believe that you have some time to spare us (it can be as little or as much as you like), please get in touch with any members of the Website Group.  All you need is ideas and enthusiasm.  Technical "know how" is not essential - we are all self-taught - hence the glitches!  And just in case you are put off by the idea of attending meetings, the good news is that the volunteers do not have formal meetings.  I might get you together for an informal chat down the pub once or twice a year.

The feedback that we receive from visitors to our website is that it is one of the best in the country.  With your support, we know that it will go from strength to strength.

Annie Singer






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