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Monday 10th December 2018

Website News


Thanks to generous funding from the National Lottery, a new website is being built for us.

Our present website has served us well for ten years, but it cannot meet all of our current needs. For example, it is hard for users to insert and adapt their own copy and it is not readily accessible on tablets, smart phones and other portable devices.

The new website will not look strange as it will incorporate all the familiar features such as the news page, the photo archive, the calendar and the individual group pages. However, it will look up-to-date and be more flexible, more responsive and much easier to use.



The site will need to be ‘frozen’ for a while until the work is completed and ready for a re-launch.

We have chosen to do this over the Christmas and immediate post-Christmas period, which is relatively quiet. The current site will therefore be frozen at midnight on 20 December and will close on 31st December.  This will be replaced by a holding page on our new website which will then go live by mid January.

If you or your group contribute to the calendar entries or have your own page, please update it as soon as you can, as you will not have access from 20 December.


It will be worth it!


The Website Committee

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