Yet MORE Theft Attempts

Saturday 22nd August 2009

An attempt was made through the night on Thursday to take one of the Encounter Cornwall Safety Boat Engines from our larger boat. Its bolted and locked through the transom which appears to have saved us as the clamps were fully undone this morning and an attempt had been made to pull the engine off the boat.

This means that things have been stolen or attempted to be stolen (assuming the same people are responsible) during three seperate nights this week. Clearly these people are no messing around and see Lerryn as a soft touch at present.

The visitors boat lost a 9.9hp engine worth around £1,500 so an expensive holiday for them. Details including the serial number are in the Shop window and on the drill hall if anyone hears anything or is offered anything.

Once again make sure everything is securely locked or taken off your boats as it would appear that these "people" may well be back

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