Zombies Depart the Village

Saturday 7th November 2009

Zombies Depart the Village

All decent law abiding villagers will be pleased to hear that the plague of Zombies has now moved on.

Despite outward appearances the undead residents of the village enjoyed a "live"ly night on Halloween.  Anyone there will confirm it was quite a sight.

Thanks to everyone who made such an effort to die for the nights entertainment so successfully

Particularly those who shall remain nameless and shameless despite trying to swim across the river naked at 4.00am....and no.......we don't believe the tale of you falling off the stepping stones and your clothes being washed off you either .......

Thanks of course to The Ship for providing a much used bar and to the Village Hall for providing the temporary mortuary

The Band were very impressed with all your Michael Jackson Thriller moves although their posting on their  own website the day after read

"Don't know quite how we managed to get out of that Crazy village alive last night" and thus perhaps summed their experience up more truthfully.

Anyway as everyone seemed to enjoy the Band (Shameless) so much they have agreed to pencil in another visit next Halloween...so be warned -  book your holidays now if you are not attending.

Meanwhile if anyone needs anything to frighten their children with between now and next year please show them the Picture Gallery on this site which should do the trick (no treat)



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