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Village news

Message from the police

April 5th 2011

This message relates to police log 477 02 April 2011.

The improving weather at this time of year usually brings out the rogue builders, gardeners, roofers etc. We have had several reports already.

Please be aware of the risks of employing tradesmen who cold call at your door which include: high - shoddy workmanship; very high prices which change as the job progresses; unnecessary work and intimidation if you don't pay promptly etc. 

It is much safer to use local tradesmen of known good reputation who should offer a written quote and a guarantee. If you feel that you have been deceived, please contact us 08452 777 444 with details of the company involved.

We ask you to make your neighbours aware, especially if elderly.

Please phone us with any information on 08452 777 444.

lerryn.net AGM

March 29th 2011

Just in case you did not see the posters on the Lerryn View and Village Hall noticeboards which went up 10 days ago, this is a gentle reminder that the AGM of the Website Committee is on Monday 4th April at 7.00pm in the Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Do not miss this opportunity to give us feedback!

St Veep "Sunshine Boxes"

March 27th 2011

The project is designed to produce much needed funds for the day-to-day running expenses of St Veep Parish and the Church Council would appreciate your whole-hearted support.  The concept is quite simple in that you receive a "Sunshine Box" which is placed in a strategic spot in your home, such as a window sill.  You then agree a set amount of donation which can be as little as 2p (hopefully it will be as much as 20p) and every day that the sun shines, you put that coin in the "Sunshine Box".  The sun does not have to shine all day:  even a few minutes' sunshine is enough to prompt you to put the money in the box and appreciate the joy of seeing the sunshine.

The project will be launched at St Veep Church on Mothering Sunday on Sunday 3rd April and the boxes, hopefully filled with your coins) will be collected on Mothering Sunday in 2012.

Please come along on 3rd April to collect your "Sunshine Box" and bring some sunshine into your life.

A big thank you from LAMA

March 26th 2011

Message from the committee of  the Lerryn Area Minibus Association

Thanks to your great support, we raised £175 at this morning's coffee morning.  Thank you for helping us keep the minibus on the road for our residents.

Pupils from Lerryn School do their bit for Red Nose Day

March 25th 2011

Our village school pupils ensured that they had fun whilst raising money on Red Nose day on Friday 18th March.  What did they do?  They organised a jelly bean challenge.   Why was it a challenge?  They had to eat them with chopsticks...And if you wondered why they were wearing their clothes back to front that day, it was not because they had got dressed in a hurry, it was all part of the fundraising efforts!  Well done for being so innovative!

RNLI Spring Coffee Morning - Thank You!

March 22nd 2011

The RNLI Committee would like to thank all those who attended and/or contributed in any way to the success of this event.

Just over £400 was raised for the Fowey lifeboat.


Burglary at the Ship Inn

March 20th 2011

Just in case, you were not aware of this incident, see below the article which appeared in the Cornish Guardian

THE LANDLORD of a pub says a burglary at the weekend has cost £1,000 in damage and stolen goods.

Jonny Pusey and Ronni Collins have had the Ship Inn in Lerryn for seven years without any trouble.

However, on Sunday morning they awoke to realise they had been the victims of a burglary. Around £200 in change was taken from two tills, cigarettes behind the till and an iPod, and a window had been damaged in gaining entry.

Mr Pusey said: "Whoever it was had jemmied open the window at the back of the pub on the ground floor.

"It's a shame to think this could happen in a quiet village like Lerryn," he said.

"I reckon it happened between about 2am and 6am on Sunday, March 13. We would usually have been there.

"Maybe it was someone desperate to get to the front of the queue for our £5 lunches."

He said there had been a problem with a spree of petty thefts from cars last year but he was not aware of many burglaries taking place.

"When you have a recession like this and money's tight, crimes goes up," he said.

"I would have preferred it not to have happened; this has upset Ronni quite a bit. We may consider putting in an alarm now."

Police officers were out in Lerryn on Sunday making house-to-house inquiries. Anyone with information is asked to call the police at Looe on 0845 2777444, quoting crime reference BE/11/114.


March 12th 2011

ST VEEP & ST WINNOW Parish Councils are currently distributing Survey forms to all households in the two parishes.

The Survey results will be used to prepare a Parish Plan for the two Parishes.

This will identify what parishioners feel are the real priorities and needs of the community and give the Parish Councils a firm basis for allocating their resources, obtaining project grants or lobbying Cornwall Council and/or MP’s to influence activities affecting our community.  The Government’s “Big Society” ideas and Cornwall Council’s “Localism” agenda both recognise that communities with a Parish Plan should be given more say in the delivery of services to their area, and departments, such as Planning, will have to take more account of the Parish Councils' opinions when determining planning applications, making it much more difficult to ignore their views, as has happened far too often in the past.

The Parish Planning process is being funded by grants, received by the Parish Councils, from Cornwall Council, facilitated by Cllr Gavin Shakerley.

This is an important Survey for our Community and will determine, among other things, how our Community will develop in the future - Please spare the time to complete the Survey and play your part in local democracy, thereby influencing the way in which the Parish Councils spend YOUR money!

The Surveys are being personally delivered and collected so, if you have not received your form by 19th March, please contact Rob Briggs 01208 872093 who will arrange for you to receive one.


An indulgence of coffee mornings

March 12th 2011

In our news item of 26th February which gave you prior notice of two forthcoming AGMs, we wondered what the collective noun for AGMs could be.  I hope that you like our suggestion for the collective nouns for Coffee Mornings.  The local causes organising coffee mornings over the next two weeks are:

  • The RNLI:  19th March in the Church rooms in Lostwithiel (10.00am-12.00pm)
  • The Lerryn Area Minibus Association:  26th March in the Lerryn Memorial Hall (10.30 am-12.00 pm)

 When you think about it,  isn't it wonderful to indulge for a good cause?  Both groups looks forward to seeing you.

Coffee Morning in support of the RNLI

March 12th 2011

Dear friends,

It is that time of year again when I must call upon the good offices of all friends of the RNLI.  The RNLI Spring Coffee Morning is being held from 10.00 to 12.00 on Saturday 19th March in the Church Rooms, Lostwithiel and I was wondering if you would be able to provide a cake for the Cake Stall.  If you feel able to do this, please let me thank you in advance and advise that Rachel Hoole or I will accept any cakes donated and arrange for them to be delivered to Lostwithiel.

Please let me know if you can provide us with a cake and Rachel or I will  contact you.  Alternatively, you might like to bring it along on the morning.  Even if you are unable to provide us with a cake,  we would be delighted to see you on the day.

Thank you for your continued support to the RNLI.   You may be interested to know that, following a change in RNLI accounting procedures, all of the money raised by the Branch will now go to the Fowey Lifeboat.   It is reassuring to know that our monies will now be spent on our local boat!

Kind regards


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