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Village news

Lerryn Produce Show on Saturday

August 4th 2017

Lerryn Produce Show Today

(Saturday 5th August)

Lerryn Produce Show - countdown to Saturday!

August 4th 2017

Lerryn History Society learns about Exercise Tiger

July 31st 2017

On Monday 24 July, 19 members of Lerryn History Society set off in the LAMA bus + 1 car to learn a little about Exercise Tiger.  Our first stop was Dartmouth.


Here we visited the Museum (kindly opened early for us) and watched a video of the evacuation of villages in the Slapton Sands area in 1943 to make way for U.S. troops.    

This was one of the most traumatic episodes in the area’s history, involving the clearance of 30,000 acres and three thousand men, women and children who were evacuated, all within 6 weeks, at the end of 1943, taking their belongings, livestock, pets and in many cases, farm equipment with them.  They made way for 15,000 U.S. troops, who over the following months engaged in battle exercise, often involving live ammunition.




  After lunch in Dartmouth,  we travelled on to Torcross where we were met by Dean Small at the Sherman Tank Memorial .  Dean is son of the late Ken Small, the man responsible for raising the Sherman tank from the sea bed.  Ken Small’s determination to raise the tank created media interest; this led to American survivors and family members coming forward after 50 years of silence, to tell their stories of Exercise Tiger. Eventually, the memorial was recognized by the U.S. Government and remains today as a memorial to honour all those who perished during Exercise Tiger.






          To learn more about Exercise Tiger go to:





Rockpool Ramble Cancelled

July 28th 2017

Cancelled because of the forecast of bad weather

Duck Race

July 23rd 2017


For further photos of the duck race, go to the Photo Gallery or click on the duck below:

Nice weather for ducks!

July 22nd 2017


Today from 1.00pm


Book your duck(s) in advance at the Lerryn Stores or make your selection in person at the event in Lerryn from 1.00pm

There will also be an opportunity to see one of the LAMA committee members dressed up as a duck - an opportunity you simply cannot miss!


Prostitutes and Prime Ministers at the WI

July 20th 2017

Lerryn WI has a business meeting once a month for its members, but everybody in the village is free to attend the talk that follows.This month, everyone present awaited with interest the story behind Margaret Parker’s interesting choice of title.

In fact her fascinating talk contained more than one story. The prostitute in question was one of the people who filled in a questionnaire when Margaret was working in market research. As with all such surveys, it was essential to gather material from both genders and a wide range of ages, occupations, educational attainment and social backgrounds. To make this easier, different kinds of employment were put into categories and people completing the forms were required to tick the category that most nearly resembled their job. A woman who worked as a prostitute, having completed the rest of the survey, had to seek Margaret’s guidance on the appropriate category for her employment. Margaret, equally puzzled, had to refer to her employers. (The answer, it turned out, was C1: skilled manual.) Meanwhile, Margaret had also established in conversation that this particular prostitute was also a sociology graduate who had calculated that by the time she reached the age of 30 she should have saved up enough to be able to do her post-graduate research. 

The other story relating to the title concerned Mrs Thatcher. Margaret, having returned to work part-time after having her children,  was sent one weekend to meet the then Prime Minister, who had granted an interview to the Press Association. Margaret made clear to us that her own political views and priorities were not at all those of Mrs Thatcher, but she still had to warm to a woman who apologised very promptly when she found she had dragged out a working mother on a Saturday. Had she realised, Mrs Thatcher said, she would have scheduled the interview for a weekday.

Such anecdotes were not the only story Margaret had to tell. The history of her own career told its own tale, raising many issues about gender equality and many illustrations of the changes in society over one working lifetime.

Her first and lasting interest was in the law, but she left school and trained as a journalist because girls at that point didn’t usually go to university. She followed up her interest in law in the only way open to her at the time, by becoming a court reporter employed by the Press Association. Because Press Association journalists covered more than just local/national papers, they always had a seat at the end of the row in court because they always had a deadline somewhere, and the means of getting urgent information back to the office was the telephones outside the room.

Access to such phones was crucial and journalists would always be pointed towards the bank of dedicated phone lines kept for them. This turned out to be a mixed blessing when Margaret was sent late one night to the Egyptian Embassy to investigate rumours about the death of President Nasser. There was the usual row of phones available for journalists – in the gents’ lavatory. Margaret used them.

This was not just a talk about the undoubted difficulties of women at work, because it pointed up the ways in which gender-based assumptions limit people of both sexes.  Margaret’s listeners greatly enjoyed hearing about the respectable judge thrown out of a branch of a women’s clothing chain when he tried to buy himself a pair of the black stockings needed for a formal occasion calling for knee breeches.

It was satisfying to hear that later in Margaret’s professional life she finally topped up her matriculation qualifications and applied to read law. She was accepted for a university place at the same time as she received an invitation to take up the relatively new field of radio journalism. She could clearly have succeeded in either field, but elected at last to get her law degree. After that, rather than becoming a barrister, she taught law part-time and for two days a week brought together her legal expertise and a lifetime of experience with people, offering legal advice on a voluntary basis to those in need.

It was a pleasure to hear the talk and a great pleasure, however briefly, to meet such a person.


Boconnoc Music Recital - tomorrow

July 19th 2017

A day out at the Falmouth Beaches

July 17th 2017

The LERRYN AREA MINIBUS ASSOCIATION  runs a timetable of weekly trips to Bodmin and monthly trips to Truro and St Austell.  In addition, in full consultation with our passengers,  we run a programme of "Special Trips".

Our trip in July was to the Falmouth Beaches and once again, we had glorious weather.  Our itinerary was as follows:

  • Coffee break at Trelissick Gardens near Truro
  • Sightseeing:  Falmouth Docks (view from Castle Hill) and Pendennis Point
  • Lunch at Gyllyngvase Beach
  • Walk round the beatifully manicured Queen Mary's Gardens next to the beach (They were opened in 1912 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Mary, the wife of George V.).  The hot border was spectacular and the flowers included field poppies of an intense red never seen before,  labelled "ladybird poppy"
  • Drive past Swanpool beach
  • Ice cream break on the beach at Maenporth


Our next special trip will be on Thursday 21st September when we will be going on a sightseeign trip to Penzance, Lands' End and Sennen Cove.  Why don't you join us?

Lerryn River Stores

July 16th 2017

Thank you to all our loyal Customers that help support and keep the village shop going, to help the shop to continue from strength to strength and bring us in to the 21st Century. We now have an online shop that provides the best of Cornish produce worldwide. This is the "Bricks to the websites Clicks" This means we are open even when we're closed. It's early days so we will keep adding products daily. We launched on Monday and this has been very successful to date. www.smuggledfromcornwall.com and lerrynriverstores.co.uk  We've had orders from around the UK, so hopefully this will help secure the future of your Village shop and post office for years to come.

Our site maybe 21st century but our roots are very much 18th Century.   It all began in 1793 when Leonard Rowe & Inlaw opened their village store. Over time the store became known as Lerryn River Stores. Today it still continues to trade and is now the HQ and bricks to the website’s “clicks”.
Both sites are the home for some of the finest food, drink and treasures - Smuggled from Cornwall.  
Please spread the word and we will keep updating with the finest Cornish produce as we discover it.

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