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Village news

Pictures of Egyptian Geese

May 22nd 2010

It's official! 

 The birds that arrived in Lerryn on Wednesday 19th May

have been confirmed as Egyptian Geese.

This picture sent in by Jeff Parfitt; more pictures on the photo gallery







Hazard to Boats in Wisemans Creek

May 20th 2010

From Fowey Harbour Commissioners  ........perhaps Charlie can help with his chainsaw........  (!)









North end of Wiseman’s Reach


Mariners are advised that there is a buildup of flotsam on the west side of the river, just north of the railway embankment quay located in Wiseman’s Reach.

This build up could constitute a hazard to small vessels navigating the river close to the railway embankment. Mariners are therefore advised to give the area a wide berth.


Win a free walking holiday around the Lizard

May 20th 2010

Encounter Walking Holidays, which is based in the village, has teamed up with Country Walking Magazine to offer a week long walking holiday for 2 persons around the Lizard from Penzance to Falmouth with all accomodation, guidebooks, maps, luggage transfers and much more included.

Whilst this is a national competition we think it would be great if someone local won it as it's a superb prize -  so if you fancy a walking holiday taking in Kynance, Frenchmans Creek and Lizard Point then give it shot -

CLICK HERE for full details and to enter the competition which can be done online with only one easy question to answer. Whilst employees of Encounter Walking and their immediate family are barred from entry the rest of you can go for it and you have till the end of the month.

The competition is also in this month's Country Walking Magazine (MAY) which has a 16 page pull out about the South West Coast Path.


Have you seen this bird ?

May 19th 2010

Three new geese in Lerryn


If you were in the fish queue today, you probably saw 3 new visitors flying in.

Sue Daw found this picture on the RSPB website and reckons these are Egyptian geese - I think she's right - bird spotters please verify!




LAMA Minibus Timetable for June

May 19th 2010

Our Minibus Timetable for June is now on the site

CLICK HERE to view the Lerryn Area Minibus Association page for details on June Trips AND all the Special events and excursions for the rest of the year.

Lerryn Boatwatch Update

May 19th 2010

Just a quick note to say that Boatwatch will shortly have a permanent place on this website on a new page   "On the Water" which will be going live shortly.

We have collected back forms from nearly all those who wanted to join the scheme and are in the process of passing on the registration information to Looe Police to ensure a log is kept there of all your boats, engines and contact information.

Once we have completed this we can get to work with putting the web page live which will have lots of information on the security products you can order from the police, plans for increasing awareness of the boatwatch scheme and a meeting for anyone interested in getting involved further.

The police are now busy delivering the security products to those who ordered them (we have just received our anti theft engine hoods and will start using them and I am very pleased to see a couple of people already have them on the water!)

So check back in a couple of weeks to find a new page covering not just BoatWatch but information useful to everyone who uses the river and harbour, or ventures out to the coast.

Meanwhile as ever if you have any information / concerns about anything to do with boats or the river environment get in touch with us on 01208 871066 or call Looe Police on 08452 777 444


Car Parking Charges - Protest Letters

May 19th 2010

Charles Morgan has asked us to display 2 letters he has sent in concerning the proposed car parking charges in Lerryn so please have a read of these and if you want to write yourselves please do so to keep the pressure on those who would have us paying to use the village car park.....



Andrew Wallis                                   
Parking Policy Advisory Panel              
Cornwall Council                                            
Dolcoath Avenue
Camborne TR14 8SX                                      

21 April 2010
Dear Mr Wallis,
In relation to the enclosed car park questionnaire I live close to the village centre so rarely use the car park myself, and while I cannot speak for the other villages in Group 3 I can tell you that as far as Lerryn is concerned ANY form of compulsory car-parking charging is wholly inappropriate and will be rigorously opposed by locals who regularly use the shop, post office, school and community centre.
Yes, we villagers may on occasion groan inwardly at the number of cars parked in the village, but the very idea of a stranger to the village being welcomed by an officious notice (such as one would normally see in urban areas) demanding them to put money into a ticket machine would be wholly out of place in a village such as Lerryn or small town like Lostwithiel. This would go against the informal welcoming image which is part of the charm of Lerryn.
Having worked in the public sector myself, I can just see the thought bubble of C.C’s bureaucrats getting excited at the prospect of rural village car parks becoming “revenue opportunities” for other pet projects. Might these include refurbishment of council offices or even new-build - or possibly as a means of meeting councillors’ “expenses”? Sorry guys, this just ain’t going happen - so acquaint yourselves with the real world of AUSTERITY! (And PLEASE, no more silly logo changes). So Lerryn will NOT be part of another grubby revenue-raising scheme. The costs of running the village car park must be absolutely minimal (the odd patch of tarmac here and there?) compared to any revenue C.C. may be hoping to raise from parking changes at Lerryn.
Quite apart from the Lerryn issue, when it comes to parking in towns a thorough review of the whole issue of parking charges is well overdue. Small businesses in town centres have been suffering for years while out-of-town superstores offer free parking. If the playing field is to be levelled parking charges should be levied at out-of-town retail parks as well. This may be easier said than done at existing car parks for the likes of Tesco/Morrisons/Asda but where new stores are proposed a condition [of planning] should be imposed that C.C. would LEASE land for car parking for users of the stores to the store owners, but impose its own charges as in town centres. Of course the superstores would resist but C.C. should be tough, otherwise it could be accused of caving in to the interests of the supermarkets while continuing to destroy small businesses, as have so many unimaginative local authorities in the past.
Yours sincerely
Charles Morgan
12 May 2010
Dear Mr Wallis,
Further to my handwritten letter of 21 April a typed copy of which I now enclose, I have had some further thoughts on the matter. Somehow our little community at Lerryn has managed to survive against all odds and our shop, post office and pub survive, but parking charges would be just another nail in the coffin. But putting that and the strong views I expressed in my earlier letter aside, I cannot (as a former civil servant) see that you have any legitimate business case for introducing parking charges in villages such as Lerryn.
Consider this - the car park in question at Lerryn has just 26 (marked) spaces. I am unfamiliar with the capacities of the others in Group 3 - probably rather higher though unlikely to exceed an average of 50? The point though, is that the cost of revenue collection from such car parks in Group 3 is bound to be significantly higher. If you appointed just one extra warden to patrol the Group 3 cluster of car parks, then he or she with the best will in the world, would be patrolling substantially fewer parking spaces than an equivalent warden on foot looking after much larger car parks in Bodmin or Truro. Then you have to factor in a substantial amount of non-productive (rather slow) time travelling between the various Group 3 sites as well as the warden’s actual travel costs. Appoint one or two additional wardens to share the load and the already lower productivity of your single Cluster 3 warden falls dramatically per head. Then there is the capital cost of ticket machines which would still have to be maintained even though issuing a fraction of the tickets of similar machines in urban car parks. The list probably goes on…
Of course C.C must raise revenue to discharge the  public services for which everyone clamours but its dogged pursuit of car-parking revenue from Cluster 3 villages suggests an unimaginative and blinkered approach which is frankly out of place for any progressive local authority. There is of course a far less painful and fairer approach which you really should be considering and you should start by asking yourselves the following:- How many free parking spaces are there in supermarkets, retail parks and out-of-town superstores and how much potential revenue do these spaces represent, were these C.C. car parks? To impose parking charges on these private sites as a means of raising C.C. revenue in the short term would be well-nigh impossible, but you should give serious consideration to hiking the business rates of the said supermarkets, retail parks and superstores to raise the equivalent revenue. It would be for them to decide whether to introduce their own parking charges, increase their prices or reduce profit margins to pay their fair share. Such businesses would of course protest but progressive local authorities really do have to stand up to and not be dictated to by them. It would also be a condition of any new planning application for retail premises with car parks above a certain size that the local authority would either run these car parks themselves, or that equivalent additional business rates be imposed. It should also not be forgetten that unsustainable business rates and parking charges have already killed off thousands of small businesses and turned numerous town centres across Britain into run-down, vandal-infested ghost towns. Time to redress the balance…
So to me there is no contest between these two alternative approaches - the first bureaucratic, unimaginative and antagonistic; the second progressive fair and highly efficient even if new legislation were needed, but I believe the new government would be highly sympathetic.
Yours sincerely
Charles Morgan


Website Group News

May 11th 2010

Our AGM took place on 4th May.  Our constitution stipulates that the term of office for our chair is two terms and the AGM gave us the opportunity to thank Rob Briggs for his hard work as chair over the last two years.

The membership of the new committee is as follows:  Anne Gibbons - Secretary; Bernie Gibbons - Treasurer; Richard Morris; Annie Singer - Chair; Damon Wilcox.

The real work to develop our website does not happen during the committee meetings.  All the credit goes to our band of volunteers and contributors.  The AGM gave us the opportunity to celebrate their contributions:

  • Technical support:  Damon Wilcox
  • Calendar entries:  Ann Henderson; Elizabeth St john; David St John; Annie Singer; Rosemary Weatherhogg etc
  • Photo Galleries:  Rob Briggs; Elizabeth St John; Bernie Gibbons; Keith Rooker; Keith Singer etc 
  • Editing the calendar entries:  Annie Singer
  • Keeping the Community Groups entries up-to-date:  Lin Briggs
  • Keeping the Local Services Directory up-to-date:  Bernie Gibbons
  • St Veep Parish Council page:  Rob Briggs
  • News section:  all of you!
  • Poet in residence:  Tracey!

The danger of producing such a list is that one might leave somebody out.  If you are one of the contributors and I have left you out, please accept my apologies and rest assured that your contributions ARE appreciated.

The good news is that more people are coming forward to contribute to the further development of the website.  Ann Henderson has resumed her duties as our proof reader.  The website group has purchased five more pages and there are exciting proposals from Lerryn residents on possible contents for those pages.

If having read this,  you believe that you have some time to spare us (it can be as little or as much as you like), please get in touch with any members of the Website Group.  All you need is ideas and enthusiasm.  Technical "know how" is not essential - we are all self-taught - hence the glitches!  And just in case you are put off by the idea of attending meetings, the good news is that the volunteers do not have formal meetings.  I might get you together for an informal chat down the pub once or twice a year.

The feedback that we receive from visitors to our website is that it is one of the best in the country.  With your support, we know that it will go from strength to strength.

Annie Singer






Details of the next outing of the Tuesday Club - A visit to Bosue Vineyard on Tuesday 25th May

May 9th 2010

Please note that this is an opportunity not to be missed, as the vineyard is not open to the public.

The arrangements are as follows:

  • Leave car park by 6.30 pm at the latest 
  • Arrive at the vineyard at 7.30 pm
  • Tour of the vineyard led by Paul, followed by wine tasting.
  • The cost of the evening is £5.00
  • You will also be able to buy wine (10% discount)

For further details, contact Annie on 01208 871272


Something fishy at the Tuesday Club

May 9th 2010

On Tuesday 27th April by 7.30pm, the assembled members of the Tuesday Club could not wait a minute longer for the start of their talk.  The reason why?

John Ketch and Jon Vennard , the brothers-in-law who run the family business The Duchy Smoked Fish Company Ltd, had set up stall in the Memorial Hall.  The tempting smell of smoked fish and cheese wafting down the Hall made us all salivate and we begged John and Jon to start  their talk.  It turned out to be a very informative and entertaining talk about the trials and tribulations of the last four years.  John Ketch was formerly Production Manager at the very successful 'Cornish Smoked Fish Company' at Charlestown where he worked for Mr Martin Pumphrey the proprietor/owner, until Martin retired. Jon Vennard has worked in Fowey for many years and is a local businessman and keen fisherman.

John and Jon were very generous and treated us to some of their beautiful food, including their unique product:  cold smoked mackerel.    What a treat!   The good news for us all is that our guest speakers had come with a well stocked up fridge and coolboxes, so that we could buy their products.

The Smokehouse is situated on The Causeway, along the canal path in Par, Cornwall.  John and Jon enjoyed their time with us so much that they have invited the Tuesday Club to visit the smokehouse next year.


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