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Village news

Website Group calls for Volunteers!

March 9th 2010

The group running the website would like some more volunteers to assist with the day to day running of the site, gathering News and related activities. 

It would also be good to get some fresh ideas for keeping the site relevant to the needs of the Lerryn Area Community which it serves.

The roles are not onerous and you can take on as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, we use email extensively and therefore only meet about three times a year.

If you are interested please contact the website administrator at  admin@lerryn.net



Lerryn Car Park - Keep it free of charges!

February 27th 2010

Cornwall Council is consulting on Car Parking Charges via a questionnaire, copies of which the Parish Council have made available in Lerryn River Stores.

This is vitally important to Lerryn as the economic viability of the Shop, the Ship and the School (not to mention smaller businesses) rely on the Lerryn Car Park remaining FREE.

Following the formation of the Cornwall Council Unitary Authority, St Veep Parish Council were worried (rightly as it turns out!) that a unified Car Parking policy may be adopted which could result in charges for all car park users.  Most of Lerryn Car park is owned  by the new Cornwall Council.  The Parish Council requested last year that the ownership of the Car Park be transferred to them to secure its future as a free car park.  No decision has yet been received regarding this request.

We urge everyone to obtain a copy of this questionnaire from the shop and to complete it supporting Lerryn Car Park remaining free and the ownership passing to St. Veep Parish Council.  Completed questionnaires can be returned to the Shop or to a Parish Councillor. 

If you do nothing else for the village this year please do this!


Flood Warning

February 27th 2010

Advance warning for all those riverside properties there are very high tides from Sunday onwards this week with storms and heavy rain also forecast on Sunday with low pressure. Winds currently forecast from the West / North West so we can only hope they stay in that direction and don't move to the south / south east. 

Please remember to check on any more vulnerable residents who may live by the waters edge

Tide information follows

Environment Agency Floodwatch Website  CLICK HERE

Latest Weather for Fowey CLICK HERE

Sun 28 Feb
05:01 11:33 17:34 23:52
5.5 m 0.2 m 5.4 m 0.2 m
Mon 1 Mar
05:50 12:19 18:21
5.7 m -0.1 m 5.5 m
Tue 2 Mar
00:36 06:37 13:01 19:05
0.0 m 5.8 m -0.2 m 5.5 m
Wed 3 Mar
01:18 07:21 13:42 19:44
-0.1 m 5.7 m -0.1 m 5.5 m
Thu 4 Mar
01:56 08:01 14:19 20:20
0.1 m 5.6 m 0.2 m 5.3 m

 Stay Dry !

Men Cooking Dinner ???? !!!!!!

February 22nd 2010

Men Cooking Dinner


Bernie Gibbon’s photos in the Photo Gallery show just what a bunch of Lerryn men can do in the way of preparing a sumptuous feast (when properly taught and supervised, of course).


On 11th and 12th of February, men, 14 in all, from Friends of Boconnoc Church (and their friends) worked in the Boconnnoc Soane Room kitchens, under the supervision of Gill Forster, to prepare a Valentine’s dinner for over 40 diners. Stuffed chicken in phylo pastry, potatoes boulangerie carrots and broccoli, blinis (cooked from scratch) with smoked salmon, and magnificent chocolate mousses with little heart biscuits, all were prepared and served by this magnificent band of gents.


The dinner, on the evening of 12 February, was a companionable affair, and the food served with such panache was universally declared to be magnificent. Gill, who had persevered (without a cross, let alone an “f****”, word) with a variety of setbacks, was roundly applauded and presented with a bouquet.


Lerryn Road Closure

February 16th 2010

We have been advised that the Highways department of Cornwall Council will be carrying out urgent repairs to the stretch of road between Lerryn Bridge and the car park. This will neccesitate the closure of the road from 0700hrs to 1700hrs on Wednesday this week and again on Friday.

We understand that pedestrian access will be maintained, as will access for emergency vehicles, but all other traffic will be prohibited.

The road will be open to traffic on Thursday.

I think we can all agree that these repairs are much needed and any temporary inconvenience will be worth it.


Birth of Lerryn Boatwatch

February 16th 2010

Hi Everyone

Please see the following poster for the first Lerryn Boatwatch scheme which is starting operation from Easter this year.  We need as many people as possible to come down and register boats moored in the Lerryn area -  if you are on the list we can with the help of the Police offer more protection of your property and hopefully stop or minimise the boat and engine thefts !

On the day  the Police Community Events Van will be there with all sorts of marine crime prevention items to see including Police Boat engine covers and property marking kits as well as the chance for you to mark your boats and engines with the police on hand to advise.

We will be hoping to use the event to start a listing of all owners and their boats and normal berths which will be a huge help in trying to prevent not only crime but also to help alert you early to any damage to boats that we spot when we are on the river.  Damon Willcox and Tim Bulmer are helping PC Tom Barnes to set the scheme initially as both work on the foreshore and around the boats every day in season - however we are very happy to hear from anyone else who would like to get involved in the boatwatch group

More information will follow soon here and on the village noticeboards  but meantime please see the notice below - remind anyone you know who has a boat moored or used here and make a note of the date for the event. This is our chance to try and stamp out this kind of thing as a community so please support the event AND the boat listing scheme.



Shelterbox Thank You

February 16th 2010

A big thank you to everyone who supported the Looe Valley Singers at their concert for ShelterBox in the Memorial Hall on Saturday evening, 13th February. The choir and the St Cleertones Band were in fine form. It was a very enjoyable event and raised over £200 for ShelterBox.

Police Notice - Mutton dressed up as lamb?

February 5th 2010

This message relates to Police Crime No. BC/10/22.

Your observations are requested for a large number of sheep that have been reported as missing from the area of Camelford and also Liskeard.

If you have any information on their whereabouts, or are offered any mutton or lamb from questionable sources please contact us on 08452 777 444 quoting CMS and Police Crime BC/10/22. Information can also be passed to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Please phone us with any information on 08452 777 444. Do not reply to this email address as this in an unmanned account.
Thankyou for your continued support of the Community Messaging System.

RNLI Share our Soup success

January 31st 2010

 The event was very well attended and proved to be a great success on what was a bitterly cold day. The hall was full and  it soon became a "typically Lerryn" social occasion.

£324 was made for the Fowey Lifeboat and the committee would like to thank all those who donated soups or puddings (sometimes both!) to the event. We also appreciate the support of those who attended.


Lerryn does drinking & Gambling for LAMA

January 26th 2010

"The only person on a winning streak is the bus!" muttered Ronald as he queued to place another bet at the hilarious Racenight evening in the hall. 'Honest Dave' St.John operated the Tote while bookie's runner Keith Rooker kept everybody in line and the rest of us ate bacon butties and cake and tried to predict which horse - or pig! - was going to win. It was a highly entertaining evening and we cleared almost £250 for the minibus, so thank you all for supporrting LAMA and see you next year!


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