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July 27th 2010



The inaugural meeting of the Society was held in the Red Store, Lerryn on Thursday 22nd July 2010.  23 members of the public attended, and a formal constitution was adopted, with the following objects
(a)   To research the history of Lerryn and surrounding area.
(b)   To preserve, maintain and continue the “Lerryn Village Archive” in a variety of media formats.
(c)    To hold meetings and exhibitions for the benefit of members and the local community.

The following officers were elected

Honorary Life President – Esthermary Todd
Chairman…………………Paul Weatherhogg
Secretary…………………Janet Collett
Treasurer…………………David St John
Committee Members…….David Boraston, Sue Daw, Michael Fenwick, Ken Hoskin and Bert Watson
Initially, the Society will concentrate its efforts in making sound recordings of residents recalling their memories of life in Lerryn. A member of Exeter University will provide background and training for this part of the project.
Other projects to be undertaken will include :-
A visit to Cornwall Record Office in Truro to view their facilities for research.
A survey of buildings in the area, to record their history and occupants.
Census records from 1841 to 1911
Advice on researching one’s Family Tree
The Membership Fee was set at £1 and anyone interested in joining the Society should contact a member of the Committee.
Your help would be appreciated in carrying out research (possibly the history of the house where you live), providing pictures, documents, leaflets, sound or video recordings, in fact anything which could be recorded for the interest of future generations.
Paul Weatherhogg – Chairman (01208 873621)


Weather Forecast

July 26th 2010

Did you know that you can watch the BBC Spotlight weather forecast on your home computer?  By clicking on the button below, you will see the BBC Weather Page.  If you scroll down the page you will find the BBC Spotlight screen.  Click the Spotlight screen to play the forecast.  The bottom right button on the Spotlight screen will bring the picture to a full page.  If you prefer, you can see the weather map towards the bottom of the page.  By dragging the little pointer with the red dot to the right, you will see the weather for the next few days.

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Boconnoc Steam Fair

July 25th 2010

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David retires

July 24th 2010

At an event magnificently organised by his daughters, retiring school head David Vipond was host to a large part of the village in the Memorial Hall last  Friday night - and well into Saturday morning, in some cases! A very interesting display of photographs commemorated a selection of the events in David's thirty-year headship, and reminded some members of the village of what they  - or their parents - had looked like as schoolchildren. The presence of many of today's generation of children made the event a warm-hearted one and provided a good reminder of the importance of what David has achieved in the school. Not everybody was respectful, of course, and Bernard Bonsey, the Chairman of the school's governing body, read out an end-of-term 'Report' for David, casting doubt on this young man's ability to fulfil his potential in view of the dubious company he keeps. (It is rumoured that a copy of this might be available for those who missed it.) Inevitably, after David's long commitment to the school, the party was about the school itself as well as its retiring head, and we all wished continuing success for both of them. 

Discussion Forum

July 24th 2010

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Why not join the others who have been signing up?  If you feel strongly about something then start a new topic on the Discussion Forum pages.

High Praise for the Village Shop

July 23rd 2010

A group of 12 members of the St Austell Trefoil Guild (for those connected with Guiding & Scouting) visited Lerryn on Thursday,  22nd July.  They were supposed to be coming to Lerryn by boat from Fowey.  Unfortunately, they were let down by the boatman with whom they had booked the trip.  Undaunted, they found their way to Lerryn by car but arrived in a downpour.  The village shop responded by providing them with shelter in the store on the green and supplying them with excellent teas and very friendly service.  The group were full of praise for Shirley and the other staff and they left feeling that Lerryn had given them a very warm welcome. 

Well done everybody concerned.  The picture below was taken, in the gloom,  and was sent to the website by Joan Mitchell, one of the group.



July 23rd 2010

If you see a long Nessie-type object out to sea when you are walking the coastal path between Fowey and Polperro, don't worry.  It is not a sea monster.  It is a 660m (2,178ft) length of pipe being used for a new sewage outflow for Polperro.  Two lengths of pipe, each 330m long, have been towed to Par where they are to be joined together.  Then, the complete pipe will be towed back to Polperro where it will be laid in a channel that has been prepared for it.  The pipes were towed from Norway, together with two other pipes, each 550m long.  The longer pipes were dropped off in Brighton where a new sewage outflow is also being constructed.  Tugs from Fowey have been involved in the preparation work for this project.


HMS Cornwall

July 22nd 2010

HMS Cornwall will be coming to Fowey on Friday afternoon (23rd July) around 2.00pm.  She will be open for visitors after the lifeboat and helicopter display which starts at 12 noon on Saturday 24th July.

She will be leaving Fowey on Monday


Lerryn History Society

July 22nd 2010

Tonight, in the Red Store at 7.30pm the Lerryn History Society has its inaugural meeting.  All are welcome.

Remember, to keep up with events in and around Lerryn click on Calendar of Events in the list to the left of this page


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Pete The Fish

July 21st 2010

Welcome back, Peter.  We wish you a full and speedy recovery.


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