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Cryptic Competition - Final clues !

December 5th 2008

Here are the final 15 clues

Please send answers to all 45 clues by 15th December

£10 HMV voucher for the most correct answers

(If a tie, there will be a draw for the winner)


31   You should keep cool in this dwelling

32   From the sound of the present occupants it seems that 57 should live in this house

33   Do they have a relative in East Cheam ?

34   Who lives where the knolls tumble down smugglers lane

35   Oh shut eye and visualise this impressive abode

36   This wader gains a t and moves by electricity sometimes

37   Crushing place in Jamaica, Surrey or Hull? No. Nearer home

38   Beatrix Potter has influenced this home

39   Cull prawn or blend to find this person

40   Nelly Dean would know this abode

41   Sounds like an instruction to kill the building

42   Span the dwelling

43   Can Sid teach Religious Education all over the place without getting his feet wet here ?

44   Revolving in the wind but never rude this lady is still putting on the show

45   Sounds like this place could open up the whole village 

If you are just reading this and did not spot the previous clues, look further down this page to find previous two batches of clues.  Good luck ! 


Sally & Richard's Wedding - A thank you

December 4th 2008

Sally Turner and Richard Halliday were married by Canon John Halkes at St Winnow Church on 11th October. It was a glorious sunny day that exceeded all our expectations. We would like to thank everybody who helped to make it such a special occasion and have posted some photos to share with you




      We wish Sally and Richard every happiness


Lostwithiel RNLI Branch honours Lerryn members

December 3rd 2008

Lostwithiel Branch of the RNLI have bestowed Life Presidencies on the outgoing Chairman Mike Harrison and his wife June, in recognition of their long and dedicated service to the Branch. They also received a Scroll of Thanks from the RNLI.

Incoming Chairman Rob Briggs, in making the presentations, paid tribute to their tireless efforts at fundraising on behalf of the RNLI. The Mayor of Lostwithiel also recognised Mike and June's contribution in a short address he gave at the Annual Dinner Dance of the Branch at the Restormel Lodge Hotel. He estimated that the branch had raised nearly £100,000 during Mike and June's time on the committee.


The dinner dance was very successful despite slightly reduced numbers and the dancing continued until midnight.


Pete the Fish

November 8th 2008

Pete the (bionic) Fish

Many in Lerryn may know that Peter Randall had a heart attack a few weeks ago. He was found to have a blocked coronary artery and had a stent fitted. Unfortunately, his heart beat was not stabilised and Peter had two further cardiac arrests. He was fitted with a defibrillator in case of further attacks. He came home three days ago and is slowly receovering. Julia Parfitt spoke to Pete, who joked that he is now bionic!  He gets very tired but is taking short walks every day. Peter's wife, Shirley, will keep in touch with further news.  We all wish him well and hope he makes a full recovery.

Feast with the Tuesday Club!

November 5th 2008


About thirty-six ladies from the Tuesday Club, the WI and other groups met up at Muffins on Tuesday 28th October at 7.30 pm. We had gathered to find out a bit more about some award-winning local food businesses: the Delabole Charcuterie, Crellows Chutneys and Treleaven Ice Creams. We knew that we would have the opportunity to sample some food and we had an absolute treat, which surpassed our expectations. Sorry about this but the remainder of this article is an attempt to get you to salivate!
We started off with two varieties of sorbets: keay plums as well as melon and coppa ham. Mandy, your creativity never ceases to amaze us!   We were then each given a lovely platter of ham, salamis, cheeses, chutneys with lovely homemade breads. There was a lovely surprise in store for us at the end of the evening: we were able to sample up to six different ice creams from the Treleaven Christmas range. My taste buds just did know what had hit them!
We also had an excellent opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping or at least to be inspired by the lovely range of food on display.
A big thank you to Keith and Lindsay at Muffins for their hospitality!
The next meeting of the Tuesday Club is on Tuesday 25th November at 7.30 pm in the Lerryn Memorial Hall. Please bring a plate of food to share with friends. (Yes, you read correctly…there will be more food!) Sue Miller will get us to exercise our little grey cells during a Christmas quiz. Start swatting! 

Cryptic Competition - more clues !

November 5th 2008

Cryptic Competition - More Clues !

Here is the next batch of 15 clues for the cryptic competition:

16.  No need to press gang those who come aboard here

17.  Surely the pig doesn't work for the Met Office

18.  Scottish Isles and French town come together for this floating wine

19.  Q may have travelled this road

20.  Here you may find tweedy apples

21.  Sounds like a raptor for this holy man

22.  The cunning beast would not like the owners of this roaster

23.  Ne'er cast a clout till Charles is out of here

24.  To call the tune you must pay him some money

25.  Very new lira loses an article and turns around for a vista

26.  A king, saint and apostle - this man has it all !

27.  Tanacetum vulgare has experienced a transformation here

28.  Could Captain Flint be referring to this vessel

29.  Firm wax & MOT but no livestock here

30.  Blue story on the river for the over fifties


Final 15 clues will appear in December

Cryptic Competition

October 19th 2008

Cryptic Competition

Jeff and Julia have devised a cryptic competition for Lerryn - all the answers are names of local people, houses and buildings, roads or boats. Can you solve these riddles ? Children's questions first, adults below - more adult questions to follow in November and December !

Children's Competition

Entries must be received by Monday 15th December

Prize - £10 HMV voucher for the most correct answers

(If more than one entry has same number of correct answers, there will be a draw for the prize)

1.  Did the old blacksmith work here ?

2.  Could you get a drink on this boat ?

3.  Check the time before you cross here

4.  Is this building embarrassed or just very hot ?

5. Would you buy your bread here ?

6.  This little animal went to market down this lane

7.  Would you get a very strong drink in this lane ?

8.  Would you make holes with this building ?

9.  Does Jemima live here ?

10. Mix your paints with water here

11. Could you buy your meat here ?

12. Where will you find the green clock ?

13. Six in Roman numerals before the small lake for this very important "Sir"

14. Is this a good place to look at the village ?

15. Would you find an oven in the wall of this cottage ?

16. Does a brilliant blue bird live here ?

17. Sounds like this cottage is so old it makes a noise

18. You will find a wooden boat on the door here

19. It sounds like the water comes up to this building

20. What does the RLYS sticker on the boats in Lerryn stand for ?


Adults - First 15 of 45 questions

Watch out for MORE questions in November and December !

All answers are local. An example would be:

              When the gavel falls, this couple should be successful

Answer: Peter & Madeline Bidwell

Entries by15th December 2008

£10 HMV voucher for most correct answers

(If a tie, there will be a draw for the prize)

1.  Judy's husband is out with Polly

2.  Graham, Tim & Bill might find their primate here

3.  At harvest time Gary ran the mix here

4.  Even with the credit crunch, I doubt you could buy this abode for a couple of bob

5.  On the river an otter as well

6.  The girl by the lake does not have far to go to work

7.  Sounds like the conqueror is making bread

8.  Adge Cutler would like these folk

9.  One of the teletubbies may be leaving here soon

10. Winding along floating downstream

11. Porcine way

12. All aboard Woody Allen's 1986 film but leave some of the girls behind

13. Did the old rail company put one on the horses to give this couple a whale of a time ?

14. They cork about for this river hazard

15. Oh so rich the French turn around for this handyman



Successful Trip to Coombsehead Charity Craft Fair

October 14th 2008

A suggestion that a few villagers might like to visit the Coombsehead Charity Craft Fair, at Lewannick, snowballed into a full minibus visiting the fair on Tuesday14 October.

With over 30 stalls of good quality craft work on display, the group wasted no time in taking advantage of the opportunity for some early Xmas shopping. Refreshments and light lunches were available. This year's charity is The Merlin Project (building a therapy centre in Cornwall for MS sufferers, at Hewaswater).

The trip was so successful that it looks set to be repeated next year!

Not another cup of tea! --------Thirsty work this Xmas shopping!


A day of small triumphs

September 25th 2008

Paul and Jeff saw a great northern diver, Anne Fenwick saw a guillemot, Julia saw a seal, Bernard saw red admirals, and we all saw the enormous swoop of great black-backed gulls. Lerryn WI and guests were lucky enough to be on the last crossing of the season from Looe to the nature reserve of Looe Island, the burial place of one of the two sisters who bought the island in the 60s for £20,000 and lived there in fairly challenging conditions until their deaths. We were shown the original buildings  - not in a glossed-up museum presentation, but kept as they were, giving us a vivid picture of hard and busy lives. It was a beautiful day and  we picnicked together on the grass before a slightly damp and choppy return to the mainland. Many thanks to Lin for administering the trip and driving the bus, and also to the two Cornish Wildlife Trust wardens. Their enthusiastic introduction to the island and the house showed their own respect for and commitment to a very lovely place.




See the website's Gallery pages for more pictures of the event.


September 16th 2008

A steady stream of people visited the Red Store during the weekend of 13 - 14 September to admire WI records and artefacts from the late 1940s, when the Lerryn Institute was founded, to the present day. Guests also enjoyed the complimentary tea/coffee - and (of course!) the home-made cookies.

The range and quality of the craft-work on display was awe-inspiring, and the beautifully mounted wall displays built up a vivid picture of a lot of people having a good time while developing all sorts of new skills and interests - and facing some interesting challenges - over the years.   And it continues: several visitors to the exhibition took the opportunity to sign up for a new course just being developed.

Distinguished people present included Mary Northcott, Lerryn WI's first President and still an active member, as well as guests from the village and from other WIs. We were delighted to see you all. Thank you for coming.


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