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Friends of Fowey Estuary AGM & Talk

March 13th 2018

We would like to invite you to our AGM on Tuesday 27th March at 7.30pm at Trenython Manor Hotel. (Please note the change of venue due to refurbishments taking place at the Yacht Club). The AGM will be very short and will be followed by a talk by Rupert Kirkwood. He commented:

'My talk is entitled 'Up the Creek' and is about my kayaking adventures and wildlife encounters around SW England. I think I am the only person daft enough to have paddled every inch of its 1154 mile coastline.'

Hopefully you've all received your membership renewal information, Vicki, our membership secretary will be available to accept renewals at the AGM.
Look forward to seeing you there

Red Store AGM - TODAY

March 12th 2018




AT 7.00PM

The Directors would like to invite you, members of our Community, to join them at this meeting in The Red Store and to help us celebrate 10 years as a Community Interest Company with wine and nibbles afterwards.

For those of you who may be new to the area, The Red Store is a waterside multi-purpose community venue on the south bank of the river in Lerryn. It was built about 1870 and was used as a river warehouse, as such it was very important for the village and surrounding area. When road transport took over from boats, The Red Store ceased to be used as a warehouse and became an office and workshops at different times until the owners indicated it was for sale. The two Parish Councils raised money for the purchase and restoration, with grants and Heritage Lottery funding, work commenced in 2005 and was completed the following year. The building is owned by St Veep Parish Council.

The upper floor is two self-contained workshops for local people doing arts and crafts; the lower floor, known as The Gallery, is available to hire for exhibitions, private functions, seminars, teaching classes, meetings, local groups and the food & wine fairs. The revenue from the building provides for the maintenance of it.

The Red Store became a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2006 and is run by 8 directors including a chairperson, treasurer, booking secretary and someone from each of the Parish Councils supported by a company secretary, they meet about 6 times a year plus the AGM. There are currently about 40 members or if you prefer supporters, who are interested in the building and what happens there. Anyone can become a member and we would like to expand our numbers and welcome fresh ideas, there is no cost to joining except a promise to pay £1.00 in the event of the company becoming liquidated. Membership forms will be available at the AGM, please come along and help our efforts.

Thank you.

RNLI Spring Coffee Morning

March 9th 2018

Easter Extravaganza St Winnow Parish Church

March 9th 2018

Easter extravaganza at St Winnow Parish Church this Saturday, 10th March 2018 between 10am – 2pm for children of all ages (to be accompanied by a responsible adult please).  Come along and learn more about the Easter story through crafts and stories.  Refreshments supplied.    

February 2018 WI talk

March 5th 2018

In dismal February weather, a surprising number of guests flocked to Lerryn Memorial Hall after our WI meeting to hear Charlotte Caffrey share her enthusiasm for the planet’s polar regions.

It was Charlotte’s background in marine science that led to her directorship of Aqua Firma, a company that, as its name implies, looks at areas where the interplay between land and water creates an environment that supports both wildlife and human activity, especially in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Aqua Firma operates out of Charlestown, where she works in an office from which the sea and the tall ships in the harbour can be seen.

What she also does, however, is act as a guide, and it was in this capacity that she so delighted her audience.

One thing she established very firmly at the beginning is that the Arctic is more ‘civilised’ than the Antarctic. There is a land mass beneath the tundra which supports towns and villages. It is also relatively close at hand. From the north of Scotland it’s not so far – in a boat whose hull is reinforced to cope with passages through ice – to Spitzbergen, with its mountains sliced into by deep fjords, each ending in a glacier. The West Spitsbergen gulf stream brings up warmer, more salty water from the Atlantic and this keeps much of the Arctic archipelago viable for shipping at least some times in the year.

The other thing that makes the place viable – at least for Charlotte – is the total absence of mobile phone connection. She is often entertained at her guests’ initial shock at having to re-learn older ways of ‘connecting’.

The capital of this beautiful place is Longyearbyen. Here, Charlotte said, it is possible to walk ashore – but never unarmed. She seldom takes photographs in such places, though her passengers do, because she herself must be constantly alert for polar bears. It is illegal to kill a polar bear except in self defence, so she must be able to demonstrate, if the situation arises, that other tactics were used first. She carries flares and a pistol to scare them off and, if they continue to pose a threat to life, a rifle ready loaded with five bullets, all to be used. With flares, rifle and pistol at the ready, it’s hard to manage a camera as well.

The problem is that polar bears are short of food. The ice now covers a rapidly-diminishing area of land in the summer, with a glacial retreat of 2km in the last 60 years. The algae that form plankton grow beneath the ice only when it remains in place through all seasons. Without plankton, there is nothing for fish to live on. Without fish, the seals die and without seals, so do the bears.

Bears have learned to see humans as a potential food source, so often come close to the ships. There was a wonderful indoor shot of a hopeful bear poking its head into the galley. It looked cute – from inside. The long black claws by which it was holding itself in position looked a lot less cute.

Charlotte’s delight in the wildlife was infectious and she rejoiced in the robust RIBs that enable people to get close to the walrus, whales and sharks.  Her definition of a ‘good day’ was one that had included nesting guillemots, arctic fox cubs, reindeer and blue whales. However, there was nothing sentimental about her talk. The endearing penguin chick in the video had barely time to evoke an “Aaah” response before a passing leopard seal took its head off. They kill people too, apparently.

It was a harsh environment Charlotte depicted, but fascinating and very beautiful. She left many of us wondering how fast we could save up to go.

Ann Henderson

Lerryn WI

Sun, snow, rain & rainbow

March 4th 2018

Picturesque Lerryn

March 3rd 2018



Penpol in the snow

March 3rd 2018

Thanks to Annie Singer for the photos

Quiz at the Ship Inn on Saturday 24th February

February 20th 2018

The next pub quiz at the Ship Inn, Lerryn on Saturday 24th February will be for lerryn.net

Today’s news – future generations’ archive

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Minibus shuttle to Ruth Needs' funeral

February 20th 2018

The Lerryn Area Minibus Association will run a free shuttle to St Veep Church.  The first minibus will leave the car park at 1.30pm, the second at 1.50pm and the third, if required,  at 2.10pm.  There is no need to book your seat in advance.

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