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Lerryn Photo Archive : 1890s

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Village Shop. Once owned by Leonard Rowe who also lived at Pengillan. The photo shows Leonard Rowes mother and her father. Can anyone suggest the date the photo was taken? (BG)

Old Bridge Lerryn c.1890 (Heulyn Lewis)

Lerryn schooner & granary (Heulyn Lewis)

Lerryn 1893 Frith 1 (Heulyn Lewis)

View from the School (Thanks to the Ship)

Ethy rocks and boathouse (Thanks to the Ship)

Ethy House (Thanks to the Ship)

Regatta Day (Thanks to the Ship)

The Ship (Thanks to the Ship)

What next? (Thanks to the Ship)

The Old Mill (Thanks to the Ship)

Main Bridge (Thanks to the Ship)

The Cottage (Thanks to the Ship)

The Boat House (Thanks to the Ship)

Butchers Cottage (Thanks to the Ship)

Main bridge with Mill (Rachel & Chris Hoole)

Tithe map of Lerryn 1839 (John Philp)

View of Lowertown from north bank of river (John Philp)

Main bridge Lerryn - note horse ! (John Philp)

The Granary pre balcony (John Philp)

Lowertown bridge (John Philp)

Regatta Day (Norman & Gwen)

Cottages opposite Red Store (Norman & Gwen)

Blacksmith at work (Norman & Gwen)

Horse being shod at The Old Forge (Norman & Gwen)

Location ? (Norman & Gwen)

Brass Band in Fore Street, Lerryn (Norman & Gwen)

Whitley House, Lerryn (Norman & Gwen)

Golant (Norman & Gwen)

The Old Mill - note petrol pump ! (Norman & Gwen)

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