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Lerryn Photo Archive : 1920s

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Lerryn Fore Street Arch (Todd, 1920 or before, LPA: 0021)

Threshing (1920s, LPA: 0355)

Lerryn Regatta (J Rapson, 1920s, LPA: 0340)

Lerryn River North bank (L Bowden, 1920s, LPA: 0325)

Lerryn River Half-tide (L Bowden, 1920s, LPA: 0324)

Mill Lane (L Bowden, 1920s, LPA: 0322)

Lowertown Lerryn (L Bowden, 1920s, LPA: 0321)

Lerryn River, view from north bank. (Needs, 1920s, LPA: 0189)

Lerryn River (Needs, 1920s, LPA: 0188)

View from Lerryn Bridge. (Needs, c1920, LPA: 0165)

Lerryn School group photo (Todd/Bennett, 1920s, LPA: 0119)

Ethy House (V. Leslie, 1920s, LPA: 0067)

A Lerryn house (J Allan Family, 1920s, LPA: 0064)

Lerryn Mill Lane (Todd, 1920s, LPA: 0022)

Lerryn River (Goodenough, Pre1923, LPA: 1020)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1920s, LPA: 1010)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1920s, LPA: 1008)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1920, LPA: 1007)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1920s, LPA: 1006)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1920, LPA: 1004)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1920s, LPA: 1003)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1920, LPA: 1002)

Lerryn School School Play (Goodenough, 1923, LPA: 1001)

Lerryn Fore Street (Todd, 1920s, LPA: 326)

Lerryn top road. (Goodenough, 1920s, LPA: 1021b)

Lerryn river, Lowertown. (Goodenough, 1920s, LPA: 1021a)

Lerryn Bridge (Goodenough, pre 1923, LPA: 1018d)

Lerryn river and bridge (Goodenough, 1923, LPA: 1017d)

Lerryn School. Group photo (Goodenough, 1926, LPA: 1009b)

Lerryn School, School photo. (Goodenough, 1927, LPA: 1009a)

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