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Lerryn Photo Archive : 1940s

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Lerryn Lowertown (J Philp, 1950s, LPA: 0130)

Lowertown Lerryn (Elin, 1940s, LPA: 0235)

Lerryn Square (Elin, 1940/50s, LPA: 0230)

Lerryn River. (Elin, 1940s, LPA: 0226)

Lower Quay (Elin., 1942, LPA: 0225)

Lowertown, Lerryn. (Elin, 1942, LPA: 0224)

Lerryn, Lowertown. (Elin, 1940s, LPA: 0223)

Lerryn, Blackdown road. (Elin, 1940s, LPA: 0221)

Lerryn river from the bridge. (Elin, 1940s, LPA: 0220)

Lerryn River, Tivoli Quay (Elin, 1940s, LPA: 0218)

Lerryn top road (Elin, 1940s, LPA: 0217)

Lerryn Institute (Todd, 1940s, LPA: 0006)

Lerryn School Group Photo (Goodenough, 1946, LPA: 1011)

Leryn School Group \'photo (B Watson, 1948, LPA: 3004b)

Lerryn Bridge and River (Ellis- Bodmin, 1940/50,s, LPA: 3003d)

Lerryn Institute Produce Show (Watson, 1949-50, LPA: 3003c)

Lerryn School Group ,Photo (John Philp, 1946, LPA: 0017a)

Old Forge Hotel (Rachel & Chris Hoole)