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Lerryn Photo Archive : 1960s

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Wood Cottage (Elin, 1960s, LPA: 0199)

St .Veep Tower. Sunday ringing. (Vincent,, 1963, LPA: 0092)

St .Veep Tower. Sunday ringing. (Vincent,, 1963, LPA: 0092)

Lowertown Green Richard Philp and his wife, Jane. (Fenwick, c1960, LPA: 0399)

Talland Gwens Mini. (Fenwick, 1968, LPA: 0395)

North coast? Coast path. (Fenwick, 1962, LPA: 0394)

The Granary High tide. (Fenwick, 1960, LPA: 0379)

Mixton House Built by Frank Parkin Senior (Fenwick, 1964, LPA: 0378)

North bank From School Lane (Fenwick, 1960, LPA: 0375)

Bridge From School Lane (Fenwick, 1960, LPA: 0374)

Lower road, Lerryn Cobble Cottage (Fenwick, 1962, LPA: 0373)

Lerryn Lowertown Regatta Fair (Fenwick, 1961, LPA: 0372)

By the Red Store Ducks (Fenwick, 1961, LPA: 0371)

Where? A funeral? Gwens Mini. (Fenwick, 1969, LPA: 0370)

Mill Lane Shopping (Fenwick, 1968, LPA: 0369)

Off Tivoli Quay Praam dinghy (Fenwick, 1961, LPA: 0368)

Glanvilles The Village Shop. (Fenwick, 1962, LPA: 0367)

Lowertown Green Snow. (Fenwick, 1962, LPA: 0366)

Tivoli Park Snow. (Fenwick, 1962, LPA: 0365)

Lowertown Regatta fair. (Fenwick, 1961, LPA: 0364)

Tivoli Park Regatta sports. (Fenwick, 1961, LPA: 0363)

Regatta Rowing races. (Fenwick, 1961, LPA: 0362)

The channel Regatta (Fenwick, 1962, LPA: 0361)

From Tivoli Quay Regatta (Fenwick, 1962, LPA: 0360)

From Little Quay Regatta decorations. (Fenwick, 1960, LPA: 0359)

From Tivoli Quay View up-stream, low tide. (Fenwick, 1963, LPA: 0358)

The Granary Painting, cf. 379 (Fenwick, 1960s, LPA: 0357)

Lerryn Regatta Communications (F Collett, 1960s, LPA: 0339)

Lerryn Regatta Officials. (F Collett, 1960s, LPA: 0338)

Lerryn Regatta (F Collett, 1960s, LPA: 0337)

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