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The Red Store

The Red Store at Lerryn is a prominent feature of the south bank of the river.  It is a Community Interest Company (The Red Store Lerryn, C.I.C.) with a Chairman, 7 Directors and a Membership of currently about 30.


Sue Pearce (Chairman) spearce993@btinternet.com

Sue Daw (Booking Sec.) sudawcrownhill@aol.com




The ground floor is a gallery equipped for displays of arts and crafts as well as meetings or social functions, with catering and toilet facilities.

A Broadband connection is available to those who hire the gallery.



Pots by Martin Jones, paintings by Joel Scott-Halkes.

                   Pots and Paintings.  12.11


           Portraiture Workshop. 5.12

Two workshops on the upper floor are reached by a separate staircase. They have facilities for pottery or other crafts and are usually rented on a medium or long term basis.

                                                      Food & Drinks Fair. 12.11

Calendar of Bookings




December 2018 


Mon 3rd  

Red Store Directors meeting, 7.30 pm

Tues 4th 

Scrabble, 2.00 pm

Wed 5th  

Lerryn WI meeting, 7 pm

Thurs 6th 

Bridge, 2 pm

Tues 11th 

Book Club, 12.00 pm

Wed 12th 

Lostwithiel U3A Family History Group, 9.45 am - 16.45 pm

Thurs 13th 

Bridge, 2 pm

St Veep Parish Council meeting, 7 pm  

Fri 14th 

Private Function, 11.00 am to 13.00 pm

Tues 18th

Scrabble, 2 pm

Thurs 20th 

Bridge, 2 pm



Tues 1st 

Scrabble, 2 pm

Thurs 3rd 

Bridge, 2 pm

Tues 8th 

Book Club, 2 pm

St Winnow Parish Council meeting, 7.00 pm

Wed 9th

Lostwithiel U3A Family History Group, 9.45 am to 16.45 pm

Thurs 10th

Bridge, 2 pm

Mon 14th 

Lerryn History Society meeting, 'Bodmin Moor' by Mark Camp

Tues 15th

Scrabble, 2 pm

Lerryn Players, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Thurs 17th

Bridge, 2 pm

Tues 22nd

Scrabble, 2 pm

Lerryn Players, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Thurs 24th

Bridge, 2 pm

Tues 29th 

Scrabble, 2 pm

Lerryn Players, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Thurs 31st 

Bridge, 2 pm

Book Club.

Contact Rosemary Weatherhogg, 01208 873621

2nd Tuesday of each month, 2 pm


Scrabble Group

Contact Sue Watts, 01208 871513

Tuesdays (except the 2nd Tuesday of each month) at 2 pm

Bridge Club

Contact Paul Weatherhogg, 01208 873621

Thursdays at 2 pm


Contact the Booking Secretary, Sue Daw, 01208 873634

  • £5/hour or part thereof
  • £25/day 8am to 10pm
  • £150 for 7 Days

Bear in mind that the Red Store is difficult to reach without boots when the height of the tide is above 5.0 metres. The highest (Spring) tides occur in the evening (6-8 pm in summer, 5-7 pm in winter). Consult a tide table or the Booking Secretary.  Mornings and afternoons are safe.

Boats carrying visitors often come up the river from Fowey on the summer Springs and moor at the quay beside the Store.


The Red Store was built about 1870 although a band of stone around the base differs in quality from that above suggesting that the present building stands on the remains of a much earlier structure. The store is one of the few remaining examples of the many riverside warehouses that existed by the Fowey River and its tributaries. They were important for the local economy when few goods were imported or exported by road.

Since the decline of the water-borne trade, the Red Store has had a variety of uses, The owners of Lerryn Mill used the building as office and workshop space in the early 20th C, newsprint was stored here for recycling during the war and for a time in the 1950s the upper floor was used by the village youth club. More recently it contained the family possessions of its owner, Mrs W Elin of Wood Cottage.

For many years the Parish Council had recognised the potential of the building for community use and, realising that conversion to a dwelling would probably change it beyond recognition, set about trying to persuade the building's owners to sell it to the council. In 2002 the owners agents indicated that, not only was the sale of the building possible, but also that it could be at a very reasonable price and that time could be allowed for the funds to be raised.


                                1914                                                                1930s. Trading ship moored at the Red Store quay.

                                                                                       (Couch's Store/The Boathouse and Black Store on right)



The Parish Councils of St Veep and St Winnow combined forces to set about raising the money for the purchase, conversion and restoration of the building, having staged a consultation event to gauge public support for the project. A grant of £2000 from Caradon D.C. covered the initial survey, plans and applications for planning permission.

Applications were made to the Heritage Lottery Fund, Objective 1, RDA, and Caradon DC for funding. Architects were appointed and the building cleared for a full survey which included a Bat and Owl report. It was found that a rare Lesser Horseshoe male bat was in residence. An application to disturb the bat was eventually approved by the District Council, English Nature and Deffra.

Work commenced on the building in November 2005 and was completed in August 2006, 5 months behind schedule but under budget. Significant parts of the building are now dedicated to several species of bat and other creatures.


                      The project team in 2004:                                                                                  2002

     Esthermary Todd, Barry & Judith Campbell-Taylor

            Eric Baker, George Mansell, Ken Hoskin.



                            November 2005                                                          February 2006


                                                                                           October 2006