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St Veep Parish Council

St. Veep Parish Council


Chairman: Cllr Penny Philp               Tel: 01208 873169

Parish Clerk: Mr Philip Morley Tubb  Tel: 01726 870210  Mobile: 07817560793

Email:  stveeppc@gmail.com

Parish Councillors Please CLICK HERE for an up to date list

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Please forward any comments or suggestions on the St Veep PC Web Page to :



Parish Newsletter "Stepping Stones"

Issue 2 - Winter 2009       Click Here

Issue 3 - Summer 2010    Click Here

Issue 4 - Winter 2011        Click Here

Issue 5 - Winter 2012       Click Here


Meetings and Minutes

Next Meeting: 

The next meeting of the St. Veep Parish Council will take place on Thursday 9th November 2017 at 7.30pm in the Red Store. 
Agenda for this meeting
The agenda for this meeting will be available below approximately seven days before the meeting (available when "CLICK HERE" is blue).

  Next Ordinary Meeting          CLICK HERE


  Annual Meeting            CLICK HERE


Approved Minutes of Previous Meetings

Minutes of Parish Council Meetings are approved at the meeting following the one to which they refer and only then can they be published. Therefore the  following archive of minutes will always be at least one month behind. There is no substitute for attending the meetings if you wish to keep right up to date with what the Parish Council are doing.

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Parish Councillors

Your St Veep Parish Council

Cllr Penny Philp 01208 873169 penny981@btinternet.com (Chair)
Cllr John Hancock 01208 873478 john7hancock@yahoo.co.uk   (Vice Chair)
Cllr M Irwin                      01208 873844 mtac@sky.com            
Cllr Martin Motton 01208 872976 mrrusty@hotmail.com  
Cllr Flynn Pearce 01503 220453 rogco@btinternet.com  
Cllr Jean Piper 01208 jeanpiper@live.co.uk  
Cllr Nigel Vincent 01208 872250                     vincent355@btinternet.com                            



Click on the underlined links which will take you to the Cornwall Council Planning System where you can view the full planning applications. On this system you will not only be able to look up the details of Planning Applications but also comment on them (within the prescribed time limit) should you so wish.


or Click Here for the weekly list

Latest Planning Applications Received by St. Veep Parish Council

Planning Applications in St. Winnow Parish for consultation with St. Veep P.C.


Parish Council view of Planning Applications they have considered


Planning Decisions received from Cornwall Council


Parish Plan



Parish Plan Update


 The first phase of the joint Parish Plan Analysis, the analysis of the questions, was finished around Christmas time. The second phase, the collation of all of the comments onto a single questionnaire, was a singularly slow process and was completed at the end of February. 

Thereafter the first draft conclusions will be drawn from the results and updated by the Parish Councillors to take account of any new regulations or changing situations.  A public event will be held to allow parishioners to comment on these. Following this the plan proper will be drawn up.

The Governments new planning regulations may require us to prepare a "Neighbourhood Plan", possibly with other adjacent Parishes. This would not replace the Parish Plan as it concentrates only on Housing and Planning issues but it will require us to accept, as a minimum, any new housing/development which the Cornwall Core Strategy allocates to us. This is all a little hazy as yet but we will hopefully be able to clarify the position as the regulations come into law.

March 2012


 Contact Numbers.

   Cllr P Philp    01208 873169   (St Veep Parish Council)

   Cllr R Read    01208 871026   (St Winnow Parish Council)

   Mr M Tubb     01726 870210       Mobile: 07817560793