Lerryn Area Minibus Association (LAMA)

Lerryn Area Minibus Association (LAMA)

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Friday 21st October 2022
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LAMA is for You.  LAMA’s minibus is your community minibus.  As a not-for-profit community service, we try to offer you a little more help and support than would a typical commercial bus operator.  We are not allowed to carry just anyone, but if you register as a passenger or become a LAMA member, we can keep you abreast of everything we have planned.  Please phone David on 01208 873792 to find out more.

What LAMA Does.  Volunteer drivers take our community minibus from Lerryn via Lostwithiel to local towns, shops, garden centres and places of interest.  LAMA typically runs weekly shopping trips to Bodmin and monthly to Truro. The minibus is also used for collecting prescriptions from Lostwithiel Surgery for Lerryn residents and for undertaking periodic wellbeing trips to places of interest and special events.  Fares are very modest.

Who may Register as a Passenger.  To use the LAMA service, you need to be a resident within the Lerryn Area, which encompasses Lerryn, St Veep, St Winnow, Boconnoc, Lostwithiel and the districts that surround them.  You also need to meet the objects of the association, which broadly aims to support those people who need help with their transport. LAMA's objects are detailed more fully in the sections below.  If for any reason you are unable to register as a passenger, you may instead register as a member (see supporters section below).

How to Register as a Passenger.  Registration is free.  The simplest way to register as a passenger is to phone David on 01208 873792 and he will guide you through the whole process. However, registration is not complicated and if you prefer, you may download the forms below, complete them yourself and return them to the address shown in the passenger summary.

Passenger Summary            Eligibility Form           Registration and Privacy

How to Use the Minibus. Once you are registered as a passenger, the details of each month's trips will be sent to you.  Details of LAMA's monthly trips will also be advertised on local noticeboards, in local newsletters and on local websites.  When you are ready to travel, simply phone our booking clerk Andy on 01208 368393 to book your place and pick-up point.  Under the terms of our operating permit, you must pre-book for each trip.

Minors as LAMA Passengers.  Minors (defined as young people under the age of 18) travelling with a registered adult do not, themselves, need to be registered as a LAMA passenger.  However, they do need to be booked for any journeys they wish to undertake and they must pay half the adult fare.  Minors who wish to travel on their own must register as a passenger in their own right and their application must be supported by a letter signed by a parent, guardian or carer.

Rules for the Carriage of Dogs.  Floor space within the LAMA minibus is limited and corridors, entrances and exits must always be kept clear to permit safe egress in an emergency.  Consequently, only small dogs may be carried in the minibus, but an exception will be made for assistance/service dogs. Anyone wishing to bring a dog onto the minibus must first obtain the driver’s permission.  The dog must be clean and kept under control at all times.  The dog must not be allowed to sit on a seat, although it may sit in the footwell or on someone’s lap.  If a dog causes a nuisance to the driver or any passenger, then the dog and its handler may be required by the driver to get off the bus and they will have to find their own way home.  The driver’s decision in this will be final.  No charge will be made for carrying a dog on the minibus.  Medium and large sized assistance/service dogs will need to occupy the footwell of an adjacent seat and so they must be booked to travel for each trip they undertake.

In the Event of an Emergency.  Should you need to contact the minibus driver in the event of an emergency, please phone 07707 797399.  Please note that this phone will only be switched on when the minibus is being used and that drivers will not be able to answer the phone when they are driving.  The phone will be switched off when the minibus is parked up in Lerryn.  Please do not try to use this number for booking a trip.

COVID Restrictions.  Thankfully, the impact of COVID on our lives is diminishing, but it is not completely gone away.  As many of LAMA's passengers are vulnerable, some COVID restrictions may still be required when using the minibus.  Based on prevailing conditions, the LAMA committee will declare one of the COVID Risk Levels shown below.  The risk level actually in operation will be displayed in the window of the main passenger door.  Please click on the links below to see the restrictions that you will be expected to observe for each risk level.

COVID Risk Level Red          COVID Risk Level Amber          COVID Risk Level Green

The current COVID Risk Level is:  GREEN 


Local Organisations

Minibus Loan.  Local not-for-profit organisations that provide benefit to the community, such as a school, institute, playgroup, church, association or club, may register as an authorised organisation in order to borrow the minibus for their own activities.  Please phone Richard on 01208 871419 or David on 01208 873792 to find out more.

Register as an Authorised Organisation.  It is a good idea to register now so that when you do want to borrow the minibus, you will not be delayed by having to complete the registration formalities first.  This is a one-time only activity.  The registration process is described fully in the loan summary document below.  To register, download and complete the registration and privacy forms below and return them to the LAMA secretary at the address shown in the loan summary.

Loan Summary          Registration and Privacy

Vehicle Loan Agreement.  Once your registration is accepted and you are ready to loan the minibus for a particular activity, simply phone our booking clerk Andy on 01208 368393 to check whether the minibus is available.  If so, ask Andy to make a provisional booking and then complete the loan agreement form below and return it to the LAMA training officer at the address shown in the loan summary above.  When the loan agreement is approved and signed by the LAMA training officer, the booking clerk will raise a journey sheet for use by the driver who will be responsible for the minibus throughout the period of your loan.

Loan Agreement            Journey Sheet

Our minibus loan rates are only £1.50 per mile, subject to a minimum charge of £35 per day, which includes fuel and vehicle insurance



If you are interested in helping to keep our minibus on the road, possibly as a driver, committee member or fund raiser, then please click the [Read more] button below or call our LAMA chair, Richard, on 01208 871419.


        Drivers             Fund-Raisers             Members  
please click the
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for more details on how LAMA is managed and run


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Drivers are the lifeblood of our operation.  They require a particular licence entitlement to drive the minibus and they must be assessed by our training officer to ensure that they have all the necessary skills.  Regular drivers are also encouraged to participate in the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS).  If you think that you might like to join us as a driver then please give Richard, our training officer, a call on 01208 871419.  To give you a good idea of what might be involved, the complete contents of our drivers pack is linked below, together with the main forms that will be used by our drivers:

Welcome      Monthly Trips      Journey/Check Sheets      Log Book

Accident/Breakdown      Licences/Insurance/Health Checks      GDPR/Section 19      Regular Routes

Personal Data/Privacy Policy      Driver Check Sheet      Journey Sheet      Minibus Damage Record 

Fund Raising

To keep our minibus on the road, the committee organises a wide range of fundraising events.  We are grateful to the residents of the Lerryn Area for their generous support in previous events. Do keep an eye out for the posters advertising forthcoming fundraising events on this website as well as around Lerryn and Lostwithiel.  If you would like to help with raising funds for LAMA then please give Ann, our fund-raising officer, a call on 01208 873428.


Keeping a community bus running requires planning and commitment.  If you could give some time to help with this, then please join us as a member.  Members meet twice a year to monitor current operations, to set policy for future use and to plan for replacing the minibus.  Some members meet more often as part of the LAMA Committee to manage day-to-day activity, including passenger bookings, vehicle maintenance, timetabling, publicity, fund raising, driver training and regulation compliance.  If you are interested in helping then please call Duncan, our LAMA Chair, on 07970 117743 or complete and return the Membership Form below.

Member Summary     Membership Form

Rules and Regulations

Lerryn Area Minibus Association was formed in 1987 to provide transport services to benefit the community and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  The rules and regulations that control how LAMA may operate are linked below:

Constitution Overview      LAMA Rules      FCA Register

LAMA Management: LAMA is managed by its members at general meetings.  In March every year, an annual general meeting (AGM) is held to receive the accounts for the previous year and to decide auditing arrangements for the current year.  The AGM will also elect a treasurer, a secretary and working groups as required.  The principal working group is the LAMA committee which meets regularly to manage day to day minibus operations.  The key documents relating to the last LAMA AGM may be obtained from the links below:

AGM Minutes      Chair's Report      2021 Accounts      Rules Amendment

Risk Assessment: Please click on the link below to see the risk assessment for the day to operation of the LAMA minibus in both normal circumstances and under COVID restrictions.

LAMA Risk Assessment

Objects: The objects or aims of LAMA are:

  • To provide community transport in the Lerryn area
  • To assist the work of organisations & bodies engaged in the:
    • Relief of poverty, sickness & the disabilities of age.
    • The provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation within the meaning of section 1 of the Recreational Charities Act 1958.
    • Any other charitable purposes in the area of Lerryn, St Veep, St Winnow and District.
  • When necessary, to relieve poverty, sickness and the disabilities of age. 

Operating Permit: Under the Transport Act 1985, we are not allowed to carry members of the general public, but under Section 19 of the Act, we are allowed to carry members of LAMA and other particular classes of persons as follows:

  • Class A - members of the body holding the permit.
  • Class B - persons whom the body exists to benefit, and persons assisting them.
  • Class C - disabled persons (as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) or persons who are seriously ill and persons assisting them.
  • Class D - pupils or students of any school, college, university or other educational establishment and staff or other helpers accompanying them. 

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Upcoming events

Saturday 22nd October 18:00 - 22:00 Curry and Quiz evening

Good times guaranteed with a lively quiz, a raffle and an excellent meal. Book a table soon!

Saturday 19th November 10:30 - 12:00 Annual Christmas coffee morning

Good coffee, excellent cakes to eat and/or take away, gift stall, book stall - the start of Christmas!

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LAMA Trips October 2022

31st October '22

Registered passengers and LAMA members are invited to join us on any of these LAMA trips. Please call Andy or Sue on 01208 368393 to book your seat and arrange a pick-up point.

Quiz & Curry Night at The Ship Inn

22nd October '22

A quiz night at The Ship always means a good time, but it's exra special when it's backed by the increasingly famous Ship Inn curries.Book a table soon for a memorable evening! All profits to LAMA.

LAMA Falmouth Special Trip

21st October '22

We hope that you will be able to join Nick and John on our special trip to Falmouth in October. Falmouth is a lovely town with lots of unique shops, cafés and restaurants.

LAMA Trips September 2022

30th September '22

Registered passengers and LAMA members are invited to join us on any of these LAMA trips. Please call Andy or Sue on 01208 368393 to book your seat and arrange a pick-up point.

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