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Esthermary ToddQuite a number of years ago, Esthermary Todd initiated a project to collect photographs of places, events and people in and around Lerryn, with the purpose of preserving these for the interest of present and future generations. The voluntary group, led by Esthermary, spent many hours copying and storing the photos on the computers at Lerryn Memorial Hall.

Towards the end of 2008, Esthermary, having moved to Lostwithiel, was no longer able to maintain the archive and decided to entrust Lerryn Memorial Hall committee with the responsibility of managing and expanding this valuable source of local history.

The photographs were edited, sorted by decade and relevant information attached. This work was undertaken by Michael Fenwick and Esthermary. The collection is available on a CD from the local shop in Lerryn and is shown from time to time at the Red Store. There is also oral history in the form of interviews recorded with local people, which is being held by Lerryn Hall committee in their role as custodians of the archive.

The collection of photographs has now been made available for publishing on this website.

Thanks are due to the following contributors who have kindly given their permission for these photographs to be published:

John Philp, Penny Philp, Ken Hoskin, Eric Baker, Rosemary Weatherhogg, Fiona Collett, Stella Williams, Helena Hoskin, Bill Needs, Avis Pearce, Jean Watson, Ros Hawken, Andrea Goodenough, Sue Pearce, Rita Vincent, Carol Langmaid, Pippa Bunt, JL Rapson, Dick Morgan, Barry Campbell-Taylor, Lorna & Morley Tubb, Carol Baker, Lin Briggs, John Halkes, Helen Hutchings, Lorna Bowden, Lisa Kelly, E Todd, M Fenwick.

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If you have any pictures of Lerryn past that you are happy to have displayed for everyone's enjoyment then please send us an email - We can arrange to scan them into the gallery for you.

NOTE: You may not copy or reproduce these photos without the express permission of the owner. (Send us an email and we'll put you in touch with the owner.)

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