Lerryn Memorial Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire

Hiring is conditional on the prior acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Bookings and payments

  • When a booking form has been completed, the Booking Clerk will indicate the cost of the hire and whether any advance payment and/or deposit is required. The booking is provisional until any required deposit and/or advance payment has been received by the Booking Clerk.
  • If planned events have to be cancelled because the Hall is required as a polling booth, or for any other reason outside the control of the management, the Hall will reimburse any advance payment or deposit paid, but will not be otherwise liable for any costs incurred.

Licences, permissions and insurance

  • The Hall is licensed for music and dancing, but hirers are responsible for ensuring that they hold the appropriate licences for the sale of alcohol, the performance of specific plays/music, and any activities governed by Gaming & Lotteries legislation.
  • Hirers are also responsible for ensuring that while using the Hall they abide by all relevant legislation, including that governing Food Hygiene and Electrical Safety.
  • Music is permitted until midnight. However, all doors and windows must be kept closed when loud music is played. (If the room becomes too warm, hirers must use the air conditioning system; its position and operation will be pointed out by the Booking Clerk to hirers not familiar with the Hall.)


  • Hirers are responsible for making themselves familiar with the position of safety exits and fire extinguishers, and for making safety information known to people attending their event.
  • The Accident Book and First Aid box are kept together in the kitchen in a marked cupboard. Any accident on the premises must be recorded in the book.
  • No animals other than guide dogs are allowed in the Hall and no animals are allowed in the kitchen.
  • Children are not allowed in the kitchen unless appropriately supervised.
  • The Hall conducts regular checks on its electrical and mechanical equipment, but hirers are responsible for ensuring the safety of any electrical or other equipment they bring into the building.
  • Any failure of Hall equipment should be reported as soon as possible to the Booking Clerk.

At the end of the hire

  • The Hall is in a residential area. Hirers must ensure that people leaving at night do so quietly.
  • Hirers are responsible for leaving the premises clean and tidy, with lights and heating turned off. Chairs and tables are to be stacked as indicated in the cupboard at the end of the room furthest from the stage.
  • Domestic waste is the only kind of rubbish that may be placed in the Hall dustbin. The dustbin is outside the kitchen door and everything placed in it must be previously bagged.
  • All recyclable materials (glass bottles, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminium cans) are the responsibility of the hirer and may not be left on the premises.
  • The hirer accepts responsibility when ticking the ‘Terms and Conditions’ for any loss of or damage to Hall property/premises. Any such damage must be reported as soon as possible and the cost of making it good will be added to the hirer’s bill.
  • If a deposit has been paid, this will be returned to the hirer on condition that the keys have been returned and the Booking Clerk has checked that: there is no loss of or damage to major items such as sound insulation panels, cookers, water heater, toilet seats or film screen; borrowed items such as microphone have been returned; rubbish has been removed; kitchen logbook and accident book have been completed if appropriate.


  • Main hall £10.00 per hour/£7.50 per hour for local groups
  • Upstairs meeting room £8.00 per hour/£5.50 per hour for local groups
  • Bookings for part of an hour will be charged as a whole hour
  • Use of dinner service/wine glasses £25 each per session

Refundable deposit

  • Unless otherwise agreed, bookings will require a refundable deposit of £100 (not applicable to local groups).
  • The deposit will be refunded once keys have been returned and the Booking Clerk has checked the venue and facilities have been left in suitable order.


  • If a Hirer wishes to cancel a booking they must contact the Booking Clerk.
  • Bookings will only be refunded if they are cancelled more than 2 weeks before the date of the booking.


The Booking Clerk is Michelle Coulson. When dropping off cheques or cash, make sure the envelope is addressed to Memorial Hall Booking Clerk.

You can contact her:

By email to michellecoulson289@btinternet.com
By telephone on 07496 322403
In person in the Lerryn shop
By post to Tremaine, St Veep, Lostwithiel PL22 0NR


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