A life with bells on

Wednesday 22nd September 2010

A life with bells on


Anybody driving through Lerryn , or should I say "attempting to drive" through Lerryn on Saturday evening between 7.00 and 7.30 pm,  will have been intrigued and hopefully entertained by the spectacle in front of them.

Why did the traffic come to a stand still?  The new season of the Lerryn Film club started yesterday and the first film was "A life with bells on", a heartwarming feature length comedy that follows the fortunes of one of the leading Morris teams in the country.

To everybody's surprise and delight, the film committee had invited the TRIGG Morris Men to perform a few dances in front of the Memorial Hall for half an hour before we were due to watch the film.

To find out more about the TRIGG Morris Men, click on the following link:  http://www.triggmorris.co.uk/about%20trigg.htm

A big thank you to the Film Club Committee for such an original and entertaining start to the season!

More pictures of the Trigg Morris Men


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