Appeal for books

Tuesday 3rd May 2011

Many of you will be familiar with the box of books which appears on Prue Cornwall's garden wall every summer.  The funds raised go to a very worthwhile cause, namely our fantastic Lerryn Memorial Hall.  The scheme is proving very popular and Prue has asked us to place an appeal for books on the website, as she is running out of books to sell.  She is looking for holiday reading, biography type books with the odd literary masterpiece thrown in!

So, next time you have a sort out of your bookshelves, please remember this appeal.  All you need to do is put your carrier bags or boxes of books on Prue's doorstep.  Her cottage is opposite the Lerryn Village Stores and is called The Cottage.

Many thanks in advance, on behalf of the Lerryn Memorial Hall committee, for your support.

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