Boatwatch Patrols

Thursday 5th August 2010

Boatwatch Patrols



Boatwatch Patrols - Volunteers / Dog Walkers read on !

In conjunction with Looe Police we are arranging some short patrols of the foreshore during Regatta Week in August when theft has been at its highest as well as on a couple of random dates in August.

We are looking for volunteers to walk with the police along the foreshore on patrol for an hour or so generally in the evenings. Please can you help !  Would suit those of you who are out walking dogs perhaps !

Random visable patrols are a huge deterrant to those thinking of taking things and the police will also be handing out some crime prevention packs (though not to the criminals of course !) and rasing awareness.  At this stage we are looking for some more help with patrols in the evening (other monitoring at night is already covered)  so this would suit anyone who likes a stroll along the river in high season.

Please consider offering to come along for one evening walk and email us at with when you might be able to do this if a few of us can manage an hour or so each this will make a big difference to anyone scouting out the area which clearly has gone on in prevous years when the busy high summer weeks are perfect cover for stealing from boats. 

If you prefer to call ring 01208 871066 and leave a message at the Encounter Cornwall office

Dinghys Resuced

Boatwatch have recovered two seperte 12'  dinghys this week during work on the river, one reunited with a grateful owner from Golant the other removed from the trees off St Winnow Point and secured at St Winnow. The latter was traced to its owner by its mooring sticker (they have their uses !). Both had broken moorings and floated up into trees in the St Winnow Point area from Golant and Fowey.

Anyone losing a dinghy or spotting one loose should call us on  01208 871066 - we will tow anything to a secure spot as we are on the river every day and  trace the owners or advise the Harbour Office.

Boatwatch Stickers

Looe Police have now provided us with a batch of Boatwatch stickers that can stick on the outside of boats. Again these are a good deterant and advert to thieves that the boats are registered and being watched. We will send these out once we get through the summer high season but if you can get down to pick one up in the meantime catch Damon or Tim on the foreshore by the slipway OR at the canoe shed by the village shops. Both of them are down there every day throughout August.


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