Calendar Girls triumph for Lerryn W.I.

Friday 10th April 2009

Calendar Girls triumph for Lerryn W.I.


Lerryn WI can be congratulated for a very successful event when two of the original Calendar Girls were guest speakers at their April meeting. 

Such special guests warranted a more than usual effort and tickets were issued to some 100 people, including other local institutes, who saw the stage decorated with appropriate props from the Calendar for each month of the year, as well as sunflowers (their special symbol) and the obligatory bigger buns! 
Members and visitors heard from Tricia and Angela how the original idea of the Calendar had been born and how they had persevered to such a successful outcome. They had never dreamed of how far it would take them or how much money would be raised for Leukaemia Research – over two million pounds.  They spoke of the subsequent film and international travel as well as the forthcoming stage production. Although describing a serious subject, the girls managed to give a humorous account of events which kept everyone chuckling to the end. The girls posed for photographs, including one with WI Presidents, present, past and Founding.
Everyone enjoyed refreshments and Tricia and Angela stayed on and mingled to the very end, proving themselves to be genuine, warm and approachable ladies. When the speakers were thanked, we were reminded that most people’s lives have at some stage been touched by cancer. The Calendar Girls had brought various souvenirs for the raffle, including an autographed copy of the 2009 Calendar and, including donations, the wonderful sum of £563 was raised, which will hopefully go some way towards their next million. Thanks are due to all who helped, contributed or donated in any way.


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