Can we get a Community Defibrillator for Lerryn ?

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Hello, I have wondered for some time now whether anyone in Lerryn had considered the need for a community defibrillator.

I wouldn't know who in the village to contact about this and wondered if anyone here could advise? There are two useful organisations which can help with getting one - links below:
Alice - Lerryn View - Comment -

Surely this would be a great thing for the village to have in place - people may have seen the one in Lostwithiel by the Co-op - can we please have someone from the village hall committee and Parish Council comment and take it forward  .....or even the WI ? For more info you can contact Alice on  Alice thinks there may be grants available as she pointed out in her email to us  recent sad events in the village surely mean we should try to take up this idea for the future.

Hope to hear a response from those three organisations - contact Alice direct - or let us all know by emailing and we will post your ideas to make this happen here.

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