Captain Mike Sutherland's send off

Sunday 10th July 2011

If you were working or relaxing in your garden this afternoon, you might have wondered what was happening in Fowey Harbour, upon hearing ships and boats' horns being sounded.  Here is the explanation sent in an e-mail to Fowey River users.

Dearest Harbour Users of Fowey
As most of you are aware our dad: Capt Mike MBE, is about to retire as Harbour Master after an impressive innings of 25 years.  As a token of appreciation for all his hard work and what he has done for the port of Fowey,  we are hoping that we can call on the river using folk to show their appreciation by getting on board to say a fond farewell to the silver haired fox! 

We would love to invite all the river users that would like to join in, to come and celebrate his retirement with a sail / drive by type event on Sunday 10th July. 
The plan for the 10th July is:
•    14.45hrs – gigs and FGSC juniors set off
•    14.00 – 14.30hrs – tugs,  River trip boats / taxis, RNLI, FGSC, RFYC, RFRC and  all river users congregate at Caffa Mill area
•    15.00hrs- proceed (motoring if possible) up the harbour  tooting and waving flags etc
•    15.15hrs -  Capt. Mike and Linda are transported on board Capt. Barker’s tug (if available)
•    15.00-16.00hrs – on the water
•    16.00 hrs……- drinks at both RFYC & FGSC  (he’ll do the rounds!!)

High tide: 13.29  Low tide: 19.57hrs          Tune into Channel 12 on the day!

As you can see the sailing clubs and other organisations are all onboard……what would make the afternoon so special for Dad would be if his very valued harbour users could join us in his send off.  So, if you are about on Sunday 10th July, the Sutherland sisters and Linda (Mrs S!) would be very happy to see you on the river!

Obviously, this is TOP SECRET and I really trust that no-one will mention it Capt. M. as we really want him to see how much he is valued….(I might be biased but I think it’s deserved!)

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