Council Tax refund scam

Sunday 26th September 2010

The following appeared on the BBC Cornwall website on Monday, so once again do be careful about disclosing personal information.

Cornish residents warned of council tax refund scam

Cornish residents are being warned about a council tax scam in which they are asked to reveal their bank details.  Cornwall Council has received reports of telephone calls when people are told they are due a refund and asked for their bank details.  Mark Read, from the council, said: "We would never contact customers and ask for those kinds of details."  The council said if a refund was due and a direct debit had been used, the same bank details would be refunded.  Those who had paid their council tax by cash or a cheque would receive a refund by cheque.  Anyone who has been contacted or is concerned about the scam is urged to contact the council.

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