Cryptic Competition - Final clues !

Friday 5th December 2008

Here are the final 15 clues

Please send answers to all 45 clues by 15th December

£10 HMV voucher for the most correct answers

(If a tie, there will be a draw for the winner)


31   You should keep cool in this dwelling

32   From the sound of the present occupants it seems that 57 should live in this house

33   Do they have a relative in East Cheam ?

34   Who lives where the knolls tumble down smugglers lane

35   Oh shut eye and visualise this impressive abode

36   This wader gains a t and moves by electricity sometimes

37   Crushing place in Jamaica, Surrey or Hull? No. Nearer home

38   Beatrix Potter has influenced this home

39   Cull prawn or blend to find this person

40   Nelly Dean would know this abode

41   Sounds like an instruction to kill the building

42   Span the dwelling

43   Can Sid teach Religious Education all over the place without getting his feet wet here ?

44   Revolving in the wind but never rude this lady is still putting on the show

45   Sounds like this place could open up the whole village 

If you are just reading this and did not spot the previous clues, look further down this page to find previous two batches of clues.  Good luck ! 


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