Heavy Overnight Rain Affects Lerryn

Wednesday 17th November 2010

Heavy Overnight Rain Affects Lerryn


 Following very heavy rainfall (about 50mm) The Lerryn River became very swollen in the early hours of this morning and spilled over into the flood meadows upstream of Lerryn bridge.  Fortunately, the tide was out and the water was able to flow on down towards the sea.  Had this torrent of water occurred when there was a high spring tide, then it would have been disastrous for the low-lying properties bordering the river in the heart of the village. 




However, there was a very serious problem for the properties in the region where Couch's Mill Road joins the Lostwithiel Road.  A river of water flowing down the road leading into Lerryn met a torrent of water flowing down the Couch's Mill Road.  The combined flow of water went straight into the driveway of Creekside Cottage with devastating effect.


The water washed away the driveway and flooded the cottage.  This was heartbreaking for Alan and Helen Terry who had recently renovated Creekside to a very high standard.  The whole of the ground floor has been ruined and it will take major work to repair the damage.  The flow of water was held up by a stone wall between the rear gardens of Creekside and Cloam Cottage.  The force of water caused this wall to collapse allowing the water to escape through the gardens of Cloam Cottage and Bridge Cottage.  Unfortunately, Cloam Cottage was also badly damaged by the flood water whereas Bridge Cottage escaped with just a small influx of water.


The height to which the water rose can clearly be seen in the picture to the left.

We wish Alan & Helen well as they face up to the daunting task of repairing the damage.

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