Lerryn Boatwatch Launches This Weekend

Monday 29th March 2010

Lerryn Boatwatch Launches This Weekend



There we go then -  the new Lerryn Boat Watch logo.

You will see signs going up around the waterside provided by the police displaying this which will hopefully discourage those up to no good from seeing us as an easy target.

Everyone registering their boat, be it a yacht or a canoe, will also have a sticker to display to show that your vessel is registered with and part of the boat watch scheme.





Boatwatch Launch Event - This Saturday 3rd April

All boat owners wanting to register please come along any time between 9am and 11.00am to register your boat, collect your stickers and see some of the latest anti theft ideas and accessories on display.

Devon and Cornwall Police and Damon and Tim (Lerryn Boatwatch co-ordinators) will be on hand to take your boat details and give any more information about the scheme AND about keeping your boat safe in Lerryn.

On the day you will also find

-  Boats in the car park demonstrating the latest locks and general security protection available.

-  Two great cheap and simple anti theft devices from the Police desgined specially for boats and outboards including a revolutionary new Microdot security marking system for boats that is long lasting and dependable in the marine environment -  ALL boats should have this !

-  The chance to talk to the police about how to improve the security of your boat, accessories and also any sheds and outbuildings used for marine items

-  The chance to pass on your views and ideas about cutting marine crime - what you think would be useful and what you think Lerryn Boatwatch should be doing to help.

Tim and Damon will be taking details to register your boat so we can help watch over it on a simple form that will only take a couple of minutes to fill in.  If you have information such as serial numbers of engines or boats then please bring this with you but if not no problem -  you can take the form away and return it later.

If the weather is not supporting the event then look for signs to a building close by where registration will take place under cover !

Get Registered ,  Get Your Sticker and lets make Lerryn a no go area for marine crime.

Any questions prior to the registration call Damon on 01208 871066 or PC Tom Barnes on 01503 266173.

We will organise a way for anyone unable to attend to register for the scheme and announce it on the village website and noticeboards  but please try and come along even if its just to collect your form on the day ...... or failing that send someone to get it for you.

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