Lerryn Memorial Hall - getting even better

Wednesday 22nd February 2012

The splendid new kitchen donated in Jean Elliott's memory is already being put to good use and has produced the first of a series of lunches Jean would certainly have approved of.

We now also have additional storage space to house the kitchen crockery and the artefacts collected by/donated to the Lerryn History Society.

Meanwhile, back in the main hall, the sound insulation panels suspended just below ceiling level are adding to the enjoyment of many events. They make a difference on Film Club nights and promise to be an asset for the Lerryn Players, but they also make ordinary conversation a lot easier, which improves social events as well as formal meetings. The Hall committee went to quite a lot of trouble and expense to be sure that they were buying exactly what we needed, and it looks as though the investment of time and money has paid off.

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