Penmarlam Engine Thefts

Tuesday 30th March 2010

More detail has emerged on the outboard thefts from Penmarlam last Monday.

5 engines were taken in total ranging from 20hp to 140hp the value somewhere in the region of £35,000

The police have narrowed the times down to probably between 0400 and 0600 on Monday 22nd March.

The culprits either drove through or somehow bent back the barrier at the top of Penmarlam.

The thefts reported as Rock were actually from the Wadebrige area and totaled an incredible £90,000 haul.

The police have asked that if possible members of the public take a note of any suspicious persons or vehicle registrations.

If you have any information then please contact us on 08452 777 444 quoting CMS and Police crime. BE/10/172 or 999 if you see anything suspicious.


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