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Wednesday 10th July 2013

Superfast Broadband is finally here in Lerryn

Thanks Ann H for this tip off - BT and all other providers are now booking engineers for those who want to finally stop having to lose their evenings looking at egg timers on their computers and would rather get out on the river (!)


Just looking at the material posted last month about this. The Fibre Optics box is now up and running for Lerryn (a little green thing in Lerryn View), but it has to be signed up for and it does cost more than the rubbish we have at present.There is no need to get it from BT unless they have a package that suits you - my Plusnet engineer is coming to fit it in a fortnight, and my new router has already arrived. Jeremy at the Chapel was off the mark faster than I was and his engineer is coming next week.

Hope this helps.

Ann H



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