Friday 2nd September 2022

The two (sometimes three) swans that frequent our river are in very poor condition.

It is thought that they are unable to get enough to eat because of low water levels and also, possibly, because of pollution into the river.

I am urgently wanting to get together a group of swan lovers who could take responsibility for feeding the swans every other day or so at high tide. This will be particularly urgent once the cold weather sets in or if we do not have rain soon.

I have taken advice, and it is clear that they do need supplementary feeding, as swans are in trouble everywhere this summer. The unfounded rumour that bread is bad for swans has done them great harm and many have starved. The four cygnets born at Penpol in May have all perished; this pair might be their parents.

Do you know anyone who would be willing to feed them? Those with riverside properties are best able to spot them, but some of those people have dogs and others might not want swans on their lawn! I propose a register of people who are willing to feed them - in the water, away from the green. (I suggest near the Red Store.)

I do hope that the residents of Lerryn can band together to help their precious and threatened wildlife. Please contact me if  you would like to be part of that effort.

Lynne Spencer, 077677 55457;