The Old Bridge

Monday 27th February 2012

The Old Bridge

We have been sent the following communication from Nicola:

 Hello there 

I wonder if you can help me identify this photo – it is labelled as my great great uncle Willie Haye at Lerryn, in the 1880s/90s but having visited Lerryn recently I can see that it is not the main bridge at Lerryn.  You have on your website a picture, dated 1890s, of ‘the old bridge’ at Lerryn.  It looks very similar and I’m wondering where exactly it is & is it still standing?
Many thanks if you can solve this puzzle for me.
It is interesting to compare this photo with the one Heulyn Lewis sent to the Photo Archive (shown below).  He dated the photo as c.1890.  There can be no doubt that the two bridges are the same.  Comparing the trees behind Miss May's Cottage, it would appear that Heulyn's photo is the older of the two.

If anyone has any further information that would be useful to Nicola could they please get in touch with so we can forward it to her.  We can be contacted by clicking on the button and leaving a message.

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