The People’s String Foundation : 'Res Publica'

Thursday 29th November 2018

The People’s String Foundation : 'Res Publica'

Lerryn Village Hall Thursday 29th November at 7.30pm

(Doors open at 7.00pm)

The People’s String Foundation are a 32-piece Gypsy Orchestra playing original scores of World, Gypsy and Classical styles, fronted by Ben Sutcliffe on virtuoso Violin.
The 'Res Publica' tour has two live musicians (Ben and co-founder Zaid Al-Rikabi) who will play over recorded projections of the full orchestra - Essentially touring an orchestra in a suitcase!
We call this the Virtual Orchestra.
The projections are mixed with cinematography and a narrative of a puppet - by Kneehigh Director Simon Harvey.
It’s looking to be a fantastic project, essentially touring an orchestra to places that would not usually fit or afford one.

People's String Foundation Website

Tickets in advance: Standard: £7.50

Tickets from:

I think John also has some

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