The West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, 28th July 1887

Friday 17th June 2011

This news item was passed onto me by David Row of Newquay.

Accident to Mr W Row. About two years ago we recorded an accident which befell Mr William Row, Surgeon practising at Lerryn.

About three miles from Lostwithiel Mr Row was then thrown out of his carriage on Trevamp Hill and broke his thigh. We regret to say that he has just met with another misfortune of a similar character.

On Monday he went on a journey by rail, and in the evening one of his daughters, Miss Fanny Row met him with a four wheeler at Lostwithiel Station, and shortly after left for Lerryn, the Doctor driving. On reaching a place called Redlake, about a mile and a half from Lostwithiel, the horse shied at a piece of brown paper in the road, and Mr Row was thrown onto the lamp stand of the carriage. The occupants of the cottage near by, hearing the Doctors cries rushed out and caught hold of the horse, whilst Miss Row, who was much frightened, succeeded in extricating her father  who was to have broken his thigh. A messenger was at once dispatched to Lostwithiel for Mr Rows brother, Dr Charles Row, and the unfortunate gentleman was carried on a gate to his residence, where Dr Row of Lostwithiel visited him and did what was necessary. At first it was thought that one of Miss Row's arms was broken, but it is now understood that this is not so, although it is seriously injured. The front of the carriage was smashed, but beyond a bruise or two the horse escaped injury.


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