Tribute to Ros Hawken

Thursday 20th November 2014

Tribute to Ros Hawken

The whole village and community is saddened by the loss of our dear friend Ros. She played such an important part in the village and the contribution she made to village life must be almost immeasurable.

Her role as a child-minder brought great enrichment to many children's early years. During my time as head teacher, I greatly appreciated the foundations she helped to lay in preparation for school and life. The moral guidance she gave them and the appreciation of the world around them, her activities at home, and expeditions into the local environment, had  a very beneficial effect in their early development. Many children and parents have reason to be thankful to Ros. Thank you Ros.

For twenty-five years, Ros masterminded and organised Village Night. This not only gave the village a wonderful chance to celebrate, but helped local organisation to raise thousands of pounds. Thank you Ros.

One of Ros’ great interests was the village hall. For many years she supported the old village hall and played a significant part in obtaining our new village one. Without Ros, we wouldn’t have such a wonderful, well run hall. She has been in charge of fund raising from its inception, and through organising concerts, jumble sales, table top sales, carol evenings and numerous other fund raising events, she has raised thousands of pounds which has helped to make the cost of hiring the hall affordable to all. Thank you Ros.

David Vipond (Retired Head Teacher of Lerryn School and Chairman of Lerryn Village Hall.)

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