www.lerryn.net - re-born!

Thursday 17th January 2019

www.lerryn.net - re-born!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Big Lottery, we have a new website, launched on 17th January 2019!

Don’t worry – all the old favourites are still here. You can still access the calendar and the group pages; still enjoy the photo archive; still check out upcoming events on the News page.

However, some things have definitely changed:

  • You don’t need a desk-top. This site is now designed to work well also on laptops, tablets and mobiles.
  • You don’t need permission. If you are representing a local group or interest, you will be enabled to log in with your own user name and password so that you can, for example, enter dates on the Calendar and create or edit your own group’s pages.
  • You don’t need someone else to do it for you. Once you have your password, you will be shown how to insert your own copy, posters and photographs onto the News & Events pages.

Invitations are going out now to all the people identified by their groups/organisations so that they can attend one of the brief introductory sessions that will show them how very easy it is to access the site. This really will be the village’s website, owned and operated by the people who use it.

Please, if you encounter any problems in the early days of the site, notify us as soon as possible, using the ‘Contact Us’ heading on the horizontal title bar. There will be people standing by to deal with any hitches.

Meanwhile, as well as acknowledging our debt to the National Lottery and to generous local funders, we must also express our gratitude to Kat and Mat of Iteracy. We thank them not only for the technical skills that created the site but also for their endless patience with

The Website Group.

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